Mendix 3.2.0 has been released

We are proud to announce that version 3.2.0 of the Mendix technology has been released. It contains about seventy fixes and almost twenty improvements. There are small improvements like being able to sort the items shown in a reference selector and a drop-down search field.

And then there are some larger features which are described below.

If a person signs in to a Mendix application twice, the first session will be terminated and redirected to the sign in page. This may be undesirable and confusing. We have done two things to improve this behavior. Firstly, the user of your application now sees the reason why he/she has been redirected to the sign in form. Secondly and more interestingly, you now have the option to allow multiple sessions per user. Signing in to an application on your laptop computer and then on your tablet will keep the session on the laptop open. This is an important feature in this increasingly mobile world. To enable this behavior in your application check out the ‘Model’ tab page of the project settings dialog. Note that sprintr already implements this!

Multiple Sessions per User
Allow multiple sessions per user

Web services are a great way to integrate applications. They operate over standard HTTP and are widely supported. However, the specifications of WSDL and the related XSD standard are enormous and still do not specify everything. In implementing web services we chose to implement popular patterns to keep everything manageable in a visual modeling tool. Today we are adding support for common uses of the ‘choice’ construct. This allows you to call more web services by modeling as opposed to escaping to Java.

Button is only visible if account is blocked

Conditionally showing and hiding elements of a form goes a long way in making pleasant interfaces that only show relevant options to their users. Rows and tab pages already support this and now we are adding support for hiding individual buttons based on the value of an attribute. This can make the difference between making two slightly different copies of a form and simply setting a property of a button.

Unblock User
A confirmation popup

Speaking of buttons, sometimes you want to make sure that the user really meant to press them, especially for buttons that modify or delete a lot of data or that start an operation that takes quite a while to complete. In version 3.2.0 you can very easily configure such a confirmation without having to model a form or use a custom widget. Check out the new tab page ‘Confirmation’ in the ‘On click settings’ of microflow buttons.

These are the highlights of the release, but there is much more. For the complete list of changes see the release notes in the support portal.