Mendix App Platform Powers Mobile App for NGO War Child in Uganda

At Mendix, we work in the enterprise software industry. It’s not so often that a use case for the Mendix Platform gives us the warm and fuzzies inside. We typically help large enterprises build web and mobile apps faster, and that’s fun and all – but here’s a use case that really has us feeling good.

War Child is a family of independent humanitarian organizations that work together to help children and young people affected by armed conflict. They’re helping a new generation of young people rebuild their lives in Northern Uganda through life skills, vocational training, education and economical support.

War Child

Mendix partner, Mansystems, used the Mendix App Platform to build a mobile application for these field-based project officers working in Uganda. The application allows project officers to report the progress of their interventions in real-time via tablet computers, rather than manually updating Excel sheets and sending them via email.

War Child Holland explains: “The database can operate on any computer device and is accessible anytime and anywhere in the world, making the results easy to share. By combining easy access to a tool for processing high-quality and frequently updated data, the application aims to support improvements in the quality of monitoring and evaluation processes. It offers a new model with great potential for upward scalability across other countries and organizations.”

“People like reporting now,” said Ernst Suur, Program Development Advisor for War Child Holland about the application. “War Child can now track data on the behavior of children and young people in our programs. We can see different milestones – pre- and post-intervention and see how lives are improving. That’s very motivating to the team and critical to keep the continued support of our donors.”

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