Mendix challenges CEMS students with Strategy Assignment

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Mendix challenges CEMS students with Strategy Assignment

/ October 20, 2010

Mendix’s longstanding partnerships with Universities have always provided welcome opportunities to participate in interesting projects, courses and seminars.  This fall we are proud to have a group of highly talented students working on the CEMS International Consultancy Assignment in cooperation with Mendix. The topic under investigation is a very challenging one: Advise Mendix on optimal entry strategies.

The title for the consultancy project couldn’t be more fitting for the times: “Determine an entry strategy into a market by investigating an existing software eco-system.” The students set out to analyze the market, as well as the current vendor eco-system.

At the end of October the group will visit the Mendix Headquarters to give a presentation of their final results and conclusion in from of the Management team. The results are likely going to form the basis for Mendix’s entry strategies in 2011.

Stay tuned!

About the CEMS International Consultancy Assignment

The CEMS International Consultancy Assignment is a highly reputed project completed by CEMS students in cooperation with young & emerging companies as well as with large multinationals.  International New Ventures and Multinational Firms are confronted with decisions about how to (further) internationalize, in what way to do this, and how to organize to maintain competitive in the global market place. Key issues for entrepreneurs and managers in this respect are market selection, entry strategies, strategic positioning, organizing to compete internationally, and international alliance management. Young CEMS consultants look into the needs, assets and ambitions of small(er) and larger firms and help them to manage their growth and international expansion more effectively.

About CEMS

CEMS is a strategic alliance of leading business schools and multinational companies. Its first mission is to set a global standard of excellence for pre-experience Master’s in management.

CEMS is the global league of leaders on the pre-experience Master’s market and it cannot be equaled in terms of reputation of its members: 27 world-class academic institutions (25 full members and 2 associate members) collaborate together with more than 62 corporate partners to offer international, postgraduate students a unique blend of high quality education and professional experience.

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