Mendix Community Highlights in 2017

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Mendix Community Highlights in 2017

Mendix Community Highlights in 2017 by Adam Dupaski

The past year has been an exciting one for the Mendix community. We improved our developer community tools, and we saw huge growth in community engagement. Let’s get to the details below.

Better Tools to Develop Community Expertise

The first big community tool update of the past year was for the Mendix Documentation. We improved the UX of the docs site as well as the search functionality using. We’re continuously improving the organization of our documentation so that you can stay up-to-date on new features, product updates, and known issues.

We had over 350 documentation pull requests on GitHub last year, 200 of which were from community users. The community is really putting in some work on the documentation, and we only want this to continue. Our busiest time for documentation last year was the week of July 24th, when we had 124 commits to the Mendix / docs repository. Some folks consider late July vacation time, but at Mendix, we prefer to think of it as a great time to get some documentation done!

It’s as easy as ever to help us keep the documentation accurate and complete. Just click Edit on any doc and you can make a change through GitHub. Keep those pull requests coming!

SAP Integration Animated Example

The second major update was with our Mendix online training. We published 6 learning paths for Advanced Developers to expand their Mendix skills on subjects such as Advanced Error Handling, Optimizing Microflow Reusability, and Applying Custom Logging. More and more content is being made available for you to learn how to get the most out of your apps and give your customers what they need with a competitive edge.

The Mendix Academy site has been redesigned along with the framework in which we present training content. With Mendix Learn, you can follow a variety of learning paths or complete modules individually to increase your knowledge of the Mendix Platform. Read more about boosting your development career with Mendix Learn here.

We updated many other community tools in the past year. For example, the Partner Profile now features more information more clearly, especially all of the fantastic projects our partners have been successfully completing on everything from Payment Processing Widgets to a Customer Registration App for a Food Bank. We are also now certifying partners for providing Mendix support. Check out how this is providing more competitive opportunities for partners to present their expertise here.

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Now for Some Stats

We’ve crunched the numbers on the growth of the Mendix community, and we found some super results. To start off, we saw more than 13,000 in 2017. That brings our total to over 50,000 Mendix community members! To support these growing numbers, we started using the Intercom messaging platform for more direct contact with our community, filmed a Mendix Web Modeler Introduction video, developed several onboarding tutorials, and created a guided product introduction tour in the Web Modeler.

Web Modeler Example

Our focus on online training paid off with a significant increase in certified Mendix developers. There were over 800 new Rapid Developers, 150 new Advanced Developers, and 30 new Expert Developers. Certifications are great for the Mendix community because, in addition to contributing to job growth and career expansion, they increase the overall expertise available on the Mendix Forum.

We brought in 4 new Mendix MVPs last year, which makes the current total 22. These MVPs organize community meetups, answer Mendix Forum questions, add App Store content, write blogs, record podcasts, and more – all for the benefit of the entire community.

Mendix meetups bring developers face to face to share their experiences, learn new things, and socialize. There were 12 Mendix meetups last year throughout the Netherlands and United Kingdom. These meetups featured 18 presentations on aspects of the Mendix roadmap as well as specific projects like working with Mendix and Docker, building a Task Manager app in minutes, and creating a Mendix widget with Webpack and React. One meetup at the Mendix Rotterdam office had groups of participants organized to discuss, refine, and document best practices for working with Mendix. This was a great evening for the community with tangible results in the form of Community Best Practices for App Performance.

Each of these meetups had around 50 attendees enjoying friendly conversations, snacks and drinks, and a relaxed atmosphere. If you haven’t checked out a Mendix meetup yet, the next one is coming up soon for Mendix NL, Mendix UK, and Mendix US.

There were 6 webinars organized last year, with approximately 60 attendees per webinar. The webinar topics included Building Beautiful Apps with the Web Modeler, Using Living Style Guides to Deliver Consistent UX and A Beginner’s Guide to IoT and Mendix. Videos of these webinars are always available, so you can watch those anytime you need inspiration for developing with Mendix.

The Mendix App Store saw a ton of activity. Community members added over 150 dynamic App Store items (for example, the Multi-File Download widget), updated over 650 items, and wrote reviews for over 900 items. There’s so much fantastic functionality being built by the community, and the App Store’s growth is really a thing to witness.

We had the privilege of linking to over 30 Community Blogs in 2017, all of which were written by Mendix community developers. These blog posts present unique and individualized perspectives on using Mendix, such as Rethinking the Consultant Developer Because of the Web Modeler and Learning Mendix in the Mansystems Academy as a Non-IT Person. If you have a personal or company blog about what you’re doing with Mendix and want us to link to it, we’re always ready for submissions!

Developer Profile

One more batch of numbers to round out this post. With all this great activity, the Mendix community is racking up more than 2.2 million points and 12,500 badges. Check out the Mendix Points System FAQ for the lowdown on all the rewards.

A big thank you to everyone in the Mendix community for making 2017 a fantastic year!

Meet our community here and browse through our top contributors.

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