Mendix CRM system on the Apple iPad

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Mendix CRM system on the Apple iPad

Mendix CRM system on the Apple iPad by Mendix

The Apple iPad has finally hit shelves and we’ve started to see these two dimensional planes of touch screen bliss in unsurprisingly tech enthused hands. The early adopter is an interesting species, a collector of obsolete technology sometimes – they still get their hands on the industry changing gadgets first. As the iPad matures, whether product or phenomenon, its presence seems to have already shaped the landscape for tablet computing.

The iPad will make sense for business owners when developers learn the needs of users and find new synergies that make products like these feasible. Regardless of whether numbers (ROI) or words (client satisfaction) prove this feasibility, tablets will make business sense once the moderate sized populaces get their hands on them and work together. In the meantime, the all knowing customer relationship management system serves a perfectly agile, cloud enabled candidate for the iPad.

Smartphones made having information at your fingertips a competitive factor in even some of the most unlikely industries. How will a huge increase in size and functionality effect this professional-to-handheld relationship? In terms of staying up to date with client relationships, the average smartphone user will be first entertained, then amazed, and finally functional and used to the technological transformation. As we said in February, Mendix applications have proven more than happy in the new venue.

Those agile business people out there will see the ever present early adopter and wonder about these possibilities. Web clients and customer relationship management may just be the first steps in yet another Mac backed revolution. We’ll keep you posted with more Mendix applications that end up on tablet devices. Keep us posted on all the unlikely, yet expected, industrious places this little game changer pops up in.

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