Mendix and HP Discuss The Journey to App Development in the Cloud

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Mendix and HP Discuss The Journey to App Development in the Cloud

/ December 5, 2014

Meg Whitman, CEO and Chairman of HP, opened Wednesday’s keynote in front of an audience of 10,000 at HP Discover in Barcelona, speaking about enterprise innovation and how organizations are changing faster than ever before. Businesses need greater speed and agility, whether for maintaining enterprise capabilities in the market, ensuring efficient workflows, or maintaining competitiveness. And to achieve greater speed and agility in the market, companies are embracing the Cloud.

A bit later in that keynote, Marten Mickos, SVP and GM of HP Cloud welcomed Mendix’s Johan den Haan as the CTO of a “very modern, cloud native company” on the stage to discuss Mendix and HP Helion: “You have a very innovative company. You’ve developed software that allows enterprises to build and deploy mobile business applications nearly instantly in the cloud.”

They discussed how every company needs to become a software company in order to survive. Software is now core to every business as new applications are critical to innovation. And while this may increase demands on IT, it is possible to become more efficient through the use of cloud services. In a nutshell, you need to work smarter in terms of how you deliver new applications, not necessarily just harder.

And to work smarter, the duo says that you need to focus on overall speed of app delivery. That includes development, but also design, collaboration, deployment, and effectively all stages of the app delivery lifecycle.

Marten and Johan talked about how the teams are working together to make app delivery faster and an easier undertaking for more businesses by bringing Mendix’s visual, rapid development capabilities to HP Helion development platform based on Cloud Foundry and Openstack.

With these open source technologies it was easy to integrate Mendix with Helion:

Marten: “I heard that you’re pretty fast and agile. How long did it take for you to migrate Mendix and make it run on the Helion Cloud?”

Johan: “It took two weeks. We’ve been Cloud native from the beginning, so the migration was not difficult. And really, if you are on Cloud Foundry, why should it take any longer?”

To learn more on how it works, visit our new Mendix for HP Helion page. HP has also published a case study, highlighting why Helion users would benefit from our capabilities – it’s a great read and we hope you share it around. We’ve also compiled a few of our favorite tweets from the HP team.

And for those of you who’d like to see the full discussion – we’ve included it below – skip to 19:20 minutes.