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Mendix partner presents HR On-boarding Portal on top of SAP at the VNSG congress

on May 12, 2010


The economic crisis has encouraged companies to take various measures. Declining investments and redundancies were unavoidable for many, but signs of recovery are beginning to show. It is too early to say that the economic crisis is over. Still, one thing is certain: the future is coming and it is time to take action! This conclusion was the basis for the theme of the VNSG congress “Ahead with IT” held in April at the MECC in Maastricht, Netherlands. As we whole heartedly agree with the theme of the congress, Mendix was invited by our newly acquired partner, TopForce, to showcase an HR On-boarding portal (Powered by Mendix) on top of SAP.

HR On-boarding portals in a recovering economy: A source of opportunity

The first signs of recovery are usually the addition of a significant amount of new jobs generated by sectors across the economy obviously this stream of new employees needs to be managed. Research conducted by the Aberdeen Group, a leading provider of fact-based research focused on the global technology-driven value chain, concluded that implementing an On-boarding strategy that starts with engagement and thrives active collaboration from all relevant parties in all aspects of the business, will yield significantly better results in terms of profitability and customer satisfaction. Engaging the new hire early on in the On-boarding process will lead to:

  • shorter time to maximum productivity
  • better employee retention
  • a more engaged employee

The On-boarding portal created by TopForce enables all of the above by creating an automated, single point of entry for new employee intelligence and offers the supportive tools to automate basic processes, such as forms completion, email reminders and benefits enrollment – making human resource data management a piece of cake. And finally, the icing on the cake – literally, is that the platform allows this system to work on top of preexisting SAP applications.

Our solution attempts to make change…

Visitors were interested in our solution and commended the look and feel as well as the usability and flexibility. We were lucky to be able to show just how flexible Mendix is, and how useful the HRM portal could be for upper management who need to stay well informed.


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RSS Feed of the Mendix Blog
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