Mendix Partner Profile: Nobel Builds Claims 2020 App on Mendix to Accelerate Implementation of Claims Management Solutions

The Mendix partner network is responsible for some of the most interesting Mendix applications out there; many of them capture new business opportunities and portray substantial business models in their own right. A fine example of an innovative solution to a common problem in the insurance industry (and one could argue, a common problem in most industries) is Nobel’s Claims 2020 App.

The company is breaking new ground within the insurance market by making it easier for insurance companies with complex existing IT environments to quickly build new claims applications and functionality.

Nobel Diagram

Nobel’s claims management solution, codenamed Claims 2020, can best be described as an ‘implementation accelerator’ – meaning that it makes use of generic components, and cross-company, cross-country similarities in the claims management process, but simultaneously recognizes the specific requirements of each environment.

Querijn Chorus, Regional Manager at Nobel, continues: “We consolidated the shared functionality of three separate large, custom built claims management solutions we have built with the Mendix App Platform across several countries. From these solutions, the core claims management process was extracted. By stripping this process to the core, we were able to set up a base application layer that serves as a starting point for all our claims automation projects. There is no redundancy here, all elements are shared, cross-project, cross-country. The resulting application is maintained centrally and gives new projects a tangible head start. And getting the start right is the most important step!”

Nobel’s Claims 2020 application demonstrates one of Mendix’s core application delivery philosophies: never build anything twice. Not only do Mendix users take full advantage of the application components in our Community App Store, but within their own organization, can utilize components built within their organization using a Company account-wide Enterprise App Store.