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Mendix Recognized as a Leader in Low-code Development

Mendix Recognized as a Leader in Low-code Development by Giovanni Mancini

Recently, Forrester published the latest version of its Wave for Low-Code Development Platforms for Application Development and Delivery Professionals. Mendix has been recognized. Considering adopting a low-code platform? Then this report is a must-read.

Why is this new Forrester Wave relevant to your app delivery solution? Well, first let’s look at some of the latest sentiment regarding the adoption of low-code. The Forrester report notes that in their survey of global developers, “23% reported using low-code platforms in 2018, and another 22% planned to do so within a year. Digital businesses’ demand for ever more software ever more quickly is the big driver of adoption.” Mendix believes that a key reason that drives organizations to consider low-code is the growing application backlog businesses are experiencing. Gartner estimates that by 2021, the demand for apps will grow 5x faster than IT’s capacity to deliver.

Digital businesses’ demand for ever more software ever more quickly is the big driver of adoption.

Forrester’s analysts’ research for this Wave is a thorough and exhaustive evaluation of vendor capabilities using 28 distinct criteria, conducted by Forrester analysts who are experts in the area. Evaluation criteria are grouped into three categories: current offering, strategy, and market presence. Vendors are ranked and grouped as Leaders, Strong Performers, Contenders, and Challengers, with Leaders being the highest ranking.

Not all low-code platforms are the same. Mendix is the only full-stack, low-code development platform to provide the capabilities required by professional and citizen developers to deliver mission-critical applications. Here are what we believe to be the core capabilities that enable organizations to successfully adopt Mendix as the low-code development platform of choice and are fundamental to the Mendix platform being designated as a leader.

Empower citizen and professional developers 

With Mendix, citizen developers can use the web-based WYSIWYG environment and visual modeling to rapidly prototype cross-platform applications without the need to code. A common metadata model ensures professional developers can turn these prototypes into production-grade enterprise apps by adding complex logic, functionality, and custom code extensions using a rich, full-function, downloadable IDE, the Desktop Modeler.

Create apps once, for all devices 

Mendix supports the development of responsive and native mobile apps right out of the box, using a single visual model, so enterprises can efficiently deliver apps to all their users without having to navigate multiple tools or code bases. This approach reduces the workloads and failure points commonly experienced with traditional app development models that are siloed and slow.

Deploy to any cloud, without any headaches

With Mendix, app development teams keep all their cloud options open, without locking into pre-disposed solutions or compromising their cloud strategy. Mendix’s cloud-native architecture provides a fully featured, out-of-the-box, one-click cloud deployment to all leading public clouds, as well as easy deployment to private and virtual private clouds. Mendix also continues to be the only low-code platform that leverages containerization as a core technology, so apps can run on any Cloud Foundry or Kubernetes-based environment.

Create rich user experiences

With Mendix you can design smart, engaging user experiences with an extensive library of solutions that include cognitive services, modern and emerging user-interaction methods, conversational UIs, chatbots, and virtual personal assistants. Developers can easily incorporate these emerging technologies within their Mendix apps by simply dragging and dropping pre-built connectors.

Use AI to accelerate development 

Mendix remains the first and only low-code platform to offer in-product, real-time, AI-assisted development to increase developer productivity and reduce the learning curve for citizen developers. Using machine learning analysis of over five million application flows across 15 industries, Mendix Assist provides next-step suggestions and expert quality, performance, and maintenance recommendations, which increases developer productivity and application quality.

Access the industry’s leading ecosystems

Mendix enables developers to access certified, out-of-the-box integrations with SAP and IBM systems, through its industry-leading partnerships. Mendix’s acquisition by Siemens, finalized in Q4 2018, further expands Mendix’s leadership in distribution partnerships.

But don’t just take our word for it. See what Forrester has to say by clicking the banner below.


Giovanni Mancini