Mendix Spring 2012 Release – It’s Here!

Today is the big day! The Mendix Spring 2012 Release is now available for all, featuring an entirely new platform experience for project teams. The Mendix App Platform is more comprehensive than ever, offering everything you need to build, integrate and deploy enterprise web and mobile apps.

Below is a shortlist of notable features in this release. In the coming weeks we will explore the new features in more detail, so stay tuned!

One App Platform for All

With the Spring 2012 Release we brought together all of the platform components under one roof and user interface. As a result you’ll be able to plan projects, design and build apps, test, deploy and monitor them – and even collect and process end user feedback all from the same platform.

Mobile Apps

With the fast-growing world of enterprise mobile apps, we have made it easier than ever to build mobile apps. You’ll now be able to build mobile-friendly interfaces on top of existing data and logic layers in Mendix. Creating mobile apps and extending existing web apps with mobile capabilities is no longer a separate project – just a smaller screen.

Social Productivity

What was once a separate social collaboration space for agile project teams, Sprintr, is now fully included within the Mendix platform. All existing features and data will remain within this collaboration space, but it now lives within Mendix. But that’s not all folks – we added chat functionality so you can collaborate in real time. Distributed scrum has never been better.

Enterprise Mashup Integration

Something that has always set Mendix apart from other app delivery platforms is its ability to integrate with virtually any existing system. We saw this as a must-have for the aging enterprise systems that so many companies are currently maintaining. So what’s new? With this release, we added enterprise app mash-ups, which means you can model “non-persistent” entities, avoiding the transfer between databases and pulling data directly from another app in the cloud. This improves performance and makes integration a snap.

Are you already a Mendix user and want to find out more details? Sign in and check out the full release notes. Not yet a user? Sign up for free and take a look for yourself. Welcome to the future of enterprise app delivery!