Mendix World Partner Day: Celebrating the Innovative Solutions of Our Global Partners

With more than 150 partners and 36 corporate sponsors exhibiting at Mendix World 2019, the pre-event day at Mendix World in the Rotterdam Ahoy conference center opened with a bang with Partner Day. The event highlighted the crucial role of our global partners who make a strategic commitment to Mendix, provide tremendous value and expertise to our customers, deliver more significant value-added solutions, and significantly grow our customer base.

Derek Roos, Mendix CEO, spoke to a standing room-only crowd of more than 200 current and potential partners about Mendix’s strategic direction in the coming year and the role of our strategic partnerships in bringing the power and promise of low-code to the enterprise. Johan den Haan, Mendix CTO, previewed several groundbreaking enhancements for the Mendix platform, giving the special audience an advanced look at the powerful new tools that will enable the global workforce to become makers.


Johan den Haan and Derek Roos


“All of this growth — with companies like Siemens, SAP, and IBM — gives us access to many more sellers than we ever had. And they need to be serviced,” said Martijin van Lieshout, VP, SAP Alliance Sales at Mendix.

Looking at the partner ecosystem, van Lieshout outlined two significant opportunities. “First, our exponential growth leads to an increased need for Mendix-skilled resources. That’s what our partners provide,” he said. “The second opportunity is to capture ‘industry solutions,’ creating apps and templates around the intellectual property that our partners and customers possess today. Then, turn that into something they can automate, repackage, and reuse for our customer base today. This will showcase the deep, domain expertise our partners have in vertical industries in the form of solutions and apps they can sell to the ecosystem.”

The Partner Award Ceremony

The day ended with a special award ceremony honoring last year’s work by partners in six categories, with winners for Most Innovative Solution, Delivery Excellence, Research & Development, Enablement, Fast Track, and Partner of the Year.

Enablement Partner of 2018 — Mansystems

Mansystems, headquartered in the Netherlands with offices in Germany, is one of  Mendix’s largest partners, with the most certified expert and advanced developers helping customers in six countries across the Benelux and DACH regions. Since partnering with Mendix in 2011, they have delivered outstanding customer solutions in areas such as Application Quality Monitoring (AQM) and Active Operations Management (AOM). Customers including Achmea banking and reinsurance, Rabobank, Cargolux cargo airlines, Louwman Group, an auto distributor, and Andritz Group, an international industrial technology manufacturer, have all praised the work of Mansystems.

Enablement, however, is about helping customers scale up with Mendix application development practices and low-code development skills. In 2018, Mansystems stood out for its focus on human resources and staff training.

Most Innovative Solution 2018 — TimeSeries

TimeSeries, with offices in Rotterdam, the U.S., and Berlin, is no stranger to Mendix judges. They won the Mendix 2016 Hackathon for the Best IoT-enabled Smart App. TimeSeries has only been our partner for three years, but they’ve built up a solid Mendix practice with more than 50 certified developers who work on innovative solutions for customers in Europe and the United States.

This award recognizes the innovative, smart apps they’ve created for government agencies such as the Netherlands’ Employee Insurance Agency (UWV) and Social Insurance and Employment (SVB). For Van Dorp, a construction company partnering with Holland’s VitaTech to build smart buildings, TimeSeries created a component-based application that delivered predictive maintenance information in real-time for thousands of commercial real estate buildings.

In 2018, TimeSeries leveraged Mendix’s App Factory methodology to rapidly scale up application development for the Dutch energy company Enexis, modernizing a monolithic ERP system with robust microservices architecture.

Delivery Excellence — Cape Group

A Mendix partner since 2007, Cape Group specializes in serving logistics and transportation verticals. They have implemented Mendix solutions for many globally recognized customers, including PostNL, DHL, Kamatsu, and Raben.

Cape Group, known for its consistent, disciplined, and methodical work, has delivered high value for all types of customers and project sizes. They have successfully built complex, robust, and mission-critical systems for enterprises seeking to transform their business, for example, endowing PostNL with newfound agility to process 10 million pieces of mail and parcels every day.

R&D Partner of the Year – Ordina Digital Services

Ordina Digital Services, a well-known and respected system integrator in the Benelux region, is focused on helping customers in the public sector and health insurance industries accelerate their digital transformation. They’ve been a Mendix partner since 2012, and have recently expanded their knowledge base, adding 30 Mendix developers to their staff.

This year, Mendix is recognizing their extraordinary work creating a mobile app for insurance claims and health policy information for customers of VGZ Cooperative, the second-largest health insurance provider in the Netherlands. The new VGZ Mobile App greatly improves the client experience for the insured, enabling customers to manage their healthcare quickly and seamlessly.

In doing so, Ordina has integrated the Mendix platform with the security framework “Onegeni,” creating an app secure enough to pass the strict requirements of Europe’s privacy and data protection laws. Not surprisingly, the VZG Zorg app has earned one of the highest ratings in the app stores (4.5 of 5 in Google Play and 4.6 in the Apple App Store). Customers have downloaded the app more than 500,000 times.

Fast Track Partner — CTAC

Active in the Benelux region and France, business and cloud integrator CTAC is a new Mendix partner. As a supplier of application Platform-as-a-Service solutions, they have shown tremendous potential. CTAC is a platinum SAP partner with extensive knowledge of the SAP Cloud and SAP S4/HANA installations.

We at Mendix anticipate great success partnering with CTAC to implement fast, effective solutions for SAP customers. In a short timeframe, CTAC has invested in building up its core Mendix knowledge and training while also succeeding in positioning Mendix solutions with a range of clients, like Raad voor Rechtsbijstand, the Legal Aid Board of the Netherlands.

At Mendix, we hope this award demonstrates how much we appreciate the work of CTAC. They show great potential as a Mendix partner, and we encourage CTAC’s growth and continued expertise with our low-code platform, adding more customers in the years to come.

Partner of the Year — FlowFabric

Mendix is proud of our long and warm relationship with FlowFabric, headquartered in Amersfoort. More than 10 years ago, we encountered FlowFabric’s future founders, Kjeld Cornelissen and René Tusveld, when they were working for a company partnering with IBM. They advocated for working with Mendix as well, but management was not supportive of Mendix’s low-code solution. But Cornelissen and Tusveld shared our vision and we helped them start their own company.

FlowFabric experienced continuous growth with Mendix during the last ten years. They have consistently deepened their talent pool of Mendix developers who are well-versed in Mendix’s practice, while also selling the Mendix solution to greater numbers of new customers. Every year they close a large number of license deals. Today, they are focusing on larger platform sales.

FlowFabric delivers the right expertise and certified customer support to more than 60 customers — like CED, VolkerWessels, Enecon, and Intratuin — by delivering the right expertise and certified customer support.

Their expertise in retail, service excellence, and construction industries has also added tremendous value in the Mendix ecosystem. FlowFabric is passionate about its customers, customer experience, and the value the applications can deliver to their clients.

To speed up its development cycles, FlowFabric has built several reusable solutions such as a field services module, an order management application, and a promotion management tool, that are available in the App Store and widely used.

With this award, we encourage FlowFabric to continue its work creating the best customer experience for a wide range of happy new customers!

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