Mendix’s Top 10 Developer Blogs for 2016

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Mendix’s Top 10 Developer Blogs for 2016

/ February 3, 2017

One of our goals for the Mendix Community is to help you build applications that will forward your business, and to give you all the tools and information you need to achieve this. That’s why we wrote many blog articles in 2016 to help you kick start your projects and enable you to build the apps you need with the speed and ease you need. Here are the top ten most-read developer blogs of 2016.

10. Nicolas Delord On Rapidly Building, Iterating And Deploying Apps As A One-man Team

Nicolas DelordIn this installment of our rapid developer profile series, we’re featuring Nicolas Delord, Creative Technologist with the ADP Product Incubator. Born out of the NYC ADP Innovation Lab and inspired by the Lean Startup ethos, the ADP Product Incubator’s goal is to design, build and validate new product concepts rapidly in the work-related Enterprise and Consumer space.

Hear how Nicolas uses Mendix to build an application a week through rapid iteration with users, and how one of his apps was deployed to 50,000 employees at ADP.

9. Your New Community Profile: Showcase Your Skills and Talents

Community Profile ArticleLast year we released the Community Profile. Developers are the heart and soul of the Mendix community, so we’re happy to announce a new place where Mendix developers can showcase their skills and talents: My Community Profile. My Profile allows you to view your certifications, badges, projects, skills, and industry experience. You can also quickly make your profile public and join thousands of other Mendix developers in our community!

Within your profile, you can see your Mendix level, which is determined by how many points you have earned. Previously, you could only earn points by participating in the Mendix Forum, but now you can also earn points by completing various other activities (for example, adding content to the App Store or deploying an app to the cloud). You can see the full list of activities which will earn you points and increase your Mendix level in our documentation.

8. Become a Mendix Certified Developer!

Become Mendix Certified ArticleFollowing the success of the community profile, we focused on getting every developer certified. One of the more noticeable achievements is your Mendix certification level. While your Mendix level is a testament of your activity in the community, your certifications are testament of your Mendix knowledge, skill, and experience level and will help you to distinguish yourself in the Mendix community.

Our focus was rewarded, as we certified over 900 developers in 2016! Congratulations if you are one of those! If not, clearly it’s time to join this group of certified Mendix developers. Find the right certification here.

7. Mapping Document Improvements In Mendix 6

Mapping Improvements ArticleMapping documents in Mendix help to connect your Mendix apps to other systems such as external web services. They do this by helping you specify how to translate between Mendix objects and XML, based on an XML schema or WSDL document. In Mendix 6.1 these documents have been significantly improved, and in this blog Kevin Dullemond explains how this enables you to deal with more complex situations, make mapping documents easier to use, and save you valuable time.

6. 6 New Mendix MVPs Selected

Mendix MVPs Article

Since the launch of the MVP program in 2016, we’ve seen the huge positive impact it’s had on the community and the successes we’ve booked. With our 13 brand new MVPs we embarked on a journey to discover how they could best represent the community, and how Mendix could enable them.

We value the MVPs as an extension of Mendix, and gave them full insight into our roadmap and the vision behind it, through various sessions with our CTO, product managers, and R&D developers. Using their feedback, they have significantly impacted the product roadmap; for example, the Offline Mobile capabilities.

5. Consume REST Services With Native Microflow Actions

REST Services ArticleMendix 6.6 contains a major new feature that will help you with calling REST services and handling data. It was originally scheduled for Mendix 7, but since our community is so enthusiastic about this feature, we decided to release it now!

With our new release you can call REST services with a new microflow action. Since REST responses are often in JSON format, we have extended our data mapping documents to handle JSON as well as XML.

4. New Cloud Foundry-based Mendix Cloud Runs Globally on AWS

Cloud Foundry Article

At Mendix, we’ve been frontrunners in adopting cloud technology to offer our customers a seamless experience managing the full application lifecycle; from idea to operate in the cloud. As Mendix is all about time to value, we saw a need to quickly deploy production-ready applications, so we launched the Mendix Cloud. When we started building the Mendix Cloud there was no Docker, no Cloud Foundry, and AWS was in its infancy. We delivered the first versions with open source and home-grown technology. Today we’re taking the Mendix Cloud to the next level by leveraging the open source Cloud Foundry engine, as well as adding features such as high availability, global deployment, and application portability.

3. How we built an IoT application that was featured on stage at Gartner Catalyst

IoT Application ArticleMendix worked with Gartner Analyst Kyle Davis on an IoT app that was showcased at the Gartner Catalyst Conference in San Diego. The brief was to make it really simple for non-technical, Citizen Developers to build a connected app and place it in the hands of the end users as a dashboard or mobile app in just a few hours.

The world of IoT is very complex, but platforms like AWS IoT, IBM Watson and Azure IoT Hub have gone a long way towards democratizing the physical connection, data gathering and streaming analytics required to manage devices and end points on the Edge. But how do you put this information into the hands of the users in the form of actionable insight? Enter Mendix 7. Read more to discover how we built a Mendix app that integrates with IoT devices managed in the AWS IoT cloud to connect to a remote control car, or simulator that would track temperature, direction and G-Force.

2. New Free Online Introduction Course

Free Introduction Class ArticleNumber eight on our list talked about 900 certified developers. This number has largely been made possible by our brand new online introduction course. The Mendix community is growing faster than ever, and new members from all over the world join us every day. While the Mendix platform is easy to use and multiple disciplines can work with it, it is good to learn the best way to use it. Already over 2300 people have started the online introduction course, which is now the same as the classroom course.

So what are you waiting for? Start your introduction course online today, and join thousands of others!

1.The Mendix Connector Kit

Mendix Connector Kit Article

Shortly after presenting the most innovative integration and connection kit know to rapid app development, we released the Mendix Connector Kit in Mendix 6.6. Now everyone can extend the Mendix Microflow functionality with native actions. These actions will be completely integrated with the Mendix Modeler, and will be just as easy to use as the actions you know in Mendix.

The main building block of a connector is a Mendix Java action. The Connector Kit builds on these Mendix Java actions and improves on them in two main areas. The goal is to have a rich set of predefined connectors in the Mendix App Store that will enable anyone to quickly build composite applications on top of existing services. No more obstacles or excuses for integrating with external services like IBM Watson, AWS, Slack, or any other modern service.

More to Come in 2017!

We hope you enjoyed this list and look forward to an even more amazing 2017! Let us know what you think of the blogs, the new products and releases, and what you most look forward to in 2017.