Mobilizing add-on widgets

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Mobilizing add-on widgets

/ July 19, 2012

Some time ago we wrote about the new mobile features in version 4 of the Mendix Business Modeler. This version features a new form editor that allows you to create a mobile user interface for your application in an easy and intuitive way. The Modeler provides you with powerful widgets that can be used to build mobile user interfaces.

But what if you want something else? What if the exact widget that you want to use is not included in the standard set? We bring you good tidings: mobile forms support add-on widgets just like web forms! So if you’re looking for that extra special something, you can browse our App Store or even build one yourself.

Some highlights from the App Store:

  • The Boolean slider is an elegant switch for configuring a true/false setting. Instead of the check box normally used for editing such values, the Boolean slider offers a more visually appealing way to present such options to the users of your app.
    Boolean Slider
  • The Advanced Date and Time Picker is a touch-optimized way to input date and time values. It supports almost endless customization of date and time pickers for mobile forms.
    Date Picker
  • The Google Maps for Mobile app delivers maps functionality for your mobile apps. You can visualize locations and addresses on a mobile device using the well-known Google Maps view. There is a separate ‘Where am I?’ widget included that instantly locates the user on the map.
    Google Maps

We think that these add-in widgets make the mobile features of version 4 even more useful than they already are. We encourage you to build your own add-in widgets and share them with the community!