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New Mendix App Platform Release: Advanced App Administration for the Enterprise

on November 26, 2012


One to rule them all – The new Company Dashboard

Just a few weeks ago at Mendix World we talked about the upcoming Mendix 5 release and some of the new features we were going to add to the Mendix App Platform. Today, we are releasing the first one of these new capabilities: The Company Dashboard.

The Company Dashboard provides advanced enterprise administration capabilities and allows administrators to more easily manage and oversee large user communities, multiple apps and app deployments across the entire organization. It consists of a new panel within the Mendix App Platform and includes:

Menu Screenshot

  • Company settings – maintain company-wide platform preferences, security profiles and settings
  • Members – manage platform users, member rules and activation
  • Projects – set up projects, assign members and roles
  • Nodes – get details on your available cloud environments and their status

Please note that the current company contact serves as company administrator and can appoint other administrators. If no company contact has been specified, the initial creator of the company in the Mendix App Platform is the company administrator.

You’ll find the Company Dashboard on the home page of the Mendix App Platform through a new menu item call “Admin” in your left hand Company navigation bar. Let’s take a look!

Company settings – maintain company-wide platform preferences, security profiles and settings

Screenshot of Company PanelIn the company panel of the dashboard, general settings and other preferences of a company are maintained. The company profile tab includes contact information, logo and other general company information. In the next tab company administrators and their respective system access settings are managed. The final tab allows administrators to set password-expiration settings and change the default 90-day interval for forced password changes for app users.

ScreenshotThis tab also includes another key new feature that provides more flexibility in the way new members are accepted to a company within the Mendix App Platform: you now can define specific “auto-join” e-mail domains. If the email domain of the new member is included in the auto-join list, the member is automatically accepted into the company. All other requests have to be reviewed and accepted by a company administrator. Check out the new member sign up process in the diagram below.

Members – manage platform users, member rules and activation

ScreenshotThe Members panel allows a company admin to manage all platform users (members) within a company and handle pending invitations. For existing members their access privileges to the Mendix App Platform can be set and new passwords can be sent. In the second tab, pending invitations can be reviewed and accepted (or declined).

Projects – set up projects, assign members and roles

ScreenshotHere, you can (de)activate and/or delete projects and view the activity level of each member. Company administrators can access the project security of all projects and change roles and permissions of the current members. Furthermore, the default project roles can be configured in the projects panel. Every new project that is created will automatically receive the project roles that are defined here.

Nodes – get details on your available cloud environments and their status

ScreenshotThe nodes panel gives you an overview of all cloud nodes and environments active within the company. You can find information on the status of each environment and cloud node in this panel.

A release for enterprise IT Administrators

The Company Dashboard brings together all the important information about your company’s apps in one central place and provides IT admins the management tools they need to manage a growing portfolio of apps – produced and deployed by different project teams all across an organization.

Wait, almost done – here are a few more things…

While we were at it, we worked on a number of smaller fixes and made some additional improvements to the Mendix App Platform:

  • Feedback: Feedback overviews now show the feedback number and allows you to search by feedback ID
  • Project security: The business engineer role can now invite other team members by default. Note that this change is applied to all existing business engineer roles. Also, the Project Team overview now displays the project role and deployment permissions of each member.
  • Coworker invitations: The invite flow has been enhanced and separates now between invites for specific projects, an entire company and the Mendix App Platform

Take a look for yourself: Log on to and check it out now.

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