The new Mendix Forum

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The new Mendix Forum

/ October 14, 2016

If you are a regular Mendix developer, you will probably have stumbled upon the Mendix Forum. This is where our Community (veterans and rookies alike) comes together to help each other out with their questions. Through the years this has worked great and has resulted in more than 10,000 questions posted so far. But now that our Community is growing so rapidly, we felt it was time for some major improvements to the Forum.

Therefore, we present to you the new and improved Mendix Forum!

New design

One of the first things you will notice in the new Forum is the complete makeover. We built the Forum from scratch in Mendix, and this was a great opportunity to implement a new look and feel while demonstrating the capabilities of the Mendix platform at the same time.

This new look integrates better with the rest of our platform, especially the Community Profile, with which it is now closely linked. And with this new design, we are making our Community members more visible and recognizable so that you really feel connected to the people you are helping out.

In addition, we really want to highlight the great achievements and progress you are making within the Mendix platform. So, you can now easily see the Mendix level and Mendix points of the users responding to your questions, and you can go directly to their Community Profile to see their achievements and work experience. Make sure you set your Community Profile to public so everyone can see your avatar, details and progress!

Community Profile CardCommunity Profile Card


The new Mendix implementation also lets us quickly iterate and bring new features to the Forum app! Let me share the features we’ve built for you so far.


Now when you enter the Forum, you will first see the new dashboard. This is the home screen, and it will show you a quick overview of everything that’s happening in the Questions Forum and Idea Forum. Next to the newest questions and ideas, you can see your own stats and who our Forum leaderboard champions of the last 30 days are.


Forum Dashboard

Forum Dashboard

Idea Forum

In the past, we had a single question on the Forum where our users could post their ideas and suggestions that didn’t really fit into Mendix Support tickets. This quickly became very popular, and now we are ready to release a stand-alone Idea Forum. You can present your ideas to the Community in this part of the Forum, and others can vote up the best ideas.

Idea Forum

Idea Forum


In order to enrich the questions that are posted, we have added a new category you can fill in. These categories are determined by Mendix and will help us to implement new features (for example, only getting email notifications for new questions based on your specified categories) and a better navigation.

Forum categories

Question Categories

Sorting, search, and filtering

FilteringOne of the first changes we made to the Forum was to add some much needed filtering and sorting. You can now sort the questions on Last Updated, Newest, and Most Popular. The questions will be sorted according to the last changed date, the created date, and the highest votes in the last 30 days, respectively.

The filters can help you narrow down the questions when a search is too specific. You can filter according to the question status, categories, and tags. And if you are logged in, you can use the filters to only show your favorited questions.

The combination of filtering and the search function gives you quite some tools to find your questions, but there are even bigger plans in the works when it comes to this feature: one search to rule them all. Watch our blogs for more information soon! This is in addition to the plans to extend the filters; filtering on Modeler version, your own questions and more.


Image upload support

One of the biggest gripes with the old Forum was that you couldn’t upload your images directly.

We now fully support images natively, which means you can easily upload your images by dragging them directly into the text editor. In order to resize and position and image, simply double-click it in the editor or click the Image button in the toolbar.

RSS Feed

If you were using the RSS feed to keep track of all the new Forum posts, don’t worry! A new and improved RSS feed is available for use. We have plans to improve this even more by being able to specify sorting and filtering using GET parameters.

Coming soon

We are working hard to improve how the Mendix Community experiences and uses the Forum, but there are a few features we are working on that we will release later.

We want to re-introduce the old email notifications, but in a more powerful format. You will be able to subscribe to questions and ideas, get daily digests, and keep an eye out for specific questions related to categories and tags you specify.

What’s more, we want to take a second look at the Idea Forum after collecting ideas and examining how people use it. We will then consider getting our Mendix Product Managers involved, because they would be able to assign each idea a status (similar to how Support tickets are handled). This would give the Community a view into how the ideas are being used to improve the Mendix platform.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for the Forum, please use the Feedback button, and we’ll do our best to implement them! Or even contact us to build the new feature yourself.


So what are you waiting for? Go on and check out all these brand new features in the new Forum!

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