New to the Mendix AppStore: Google Maps, HR On-boarding, and CO2 Reduction Solutions

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New to the Mendix AppStore: Google Maps, HR On-boarding, and CO2 Reduction Solutions

/ July 14, 2010

The Mendix AppStore was launched only a month ago, with dozens of prefabricated apps, widgets, and themes. Developers using the Mendix platform have these add-ons at their disposal to help them improve ROI and shorten time to market. Though the AppStore is currently only available to Mendix partners, it will be opened to the public soon.

Three of the most exciting entrants in the Mendix AppStore portray the vast array of industry verticals these developers are working in. Each piece of software will allow application developers to speed up their process and increase their ROI. Mendix Partners, in addition to the Mendix services division, have aptly shared their creations with the Mendix Community for the betterment of agile software development.

Google Maps

Business engineers and developers can now incorporate the world into their applications. The process of adding Google Maps into a web application has been demonstrated in front of a live audience in only minutes. Adding this functionality to a Mendix-built application is as simple as looking up the Google API and downloading the free add-on via the Mendix AppStore. The uses for this feature are nearly endless, ranging from CRM mapping to logistical routing in a user friendly interface.

HR On-Boarding

A human resources On-boarding solution has also been added to the AppStore. The On-boarding portal enables a shorter time to maximum productivity, increased employee retention, and a more engaged employee overall by creating an automated, single point of entry for new employee intelligence. The application offers the supportive tools to automate basic processes such as form completion, email reminders and benefits enrollment – making human resource data management simple. Additionally, the Mendix platform allows this system to work on top of preexisting SAP applications.

Carbon Reduction Suite

Initiatives in environmental sustainability are at an all time high, and information technology solutions to track these initiatives are a priority to many developers using the Mendix platform. A Carbon Reduction Suite, created by Cape Groep, has been provided to the Mendix Community via the Mendix AppStore.

The Carbon Reduction Suite consists of four central components: The Carbon Product Footprint provides insights into the real cause of CO2 emissions. The Carbon Corporate Footprint explains the cause of CO2 emissions within a company as a whole. This is useful for setting up a CO2 administration for minimizing your carbon footprint.

The Carbon Product Indicator calculates expected CO2 emissions, providing a method of determining the most sustainable choice of transportation. Finally the Carbon Product Forecast offers customers insight by using their order history simulations to show the effects of their transportation choices in relation to CO2 emissions.

These three examples are just a few of the highly functional applications available in the Mendix AppStore. Mendix will continue to focus on growing its partner network, and expects the AppStore to grow in parallel.