How One Large Company Shrunk Time to Market for Global App by 10 Times

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How One Large Company Shrunk Time to Market for Global App by 10 Times

/ November 20, 2013

When the IT team at Kao, a multi-billion dollar beauty care manufacturer, first heard that Mendix could shrink development of new business apps from months to days, their initial reaction was that it sounded too good to be true.  Their experience quickly proved otherwise.

In the video below, Matthias Bartels, Kao’s SAP SD/CRM Business Application Leader, shares his experience with Mendix, saying “Time to market is shortened by 10 times faster, maybe more.  I read that and I didn’t believe it.  But now I see that it’s working.”

The secret was Mendix’s rapid development and SAP integration capabilities.  Although Kao estimated 30 days per interface for its new sales app, the team was able to build each interface in 2-3 days with Mendix.  Considering there were 12 UIs in total, that’s a huge reduction in development time.  It’s no wonder Kao delivered the app on time despite starting the project two months later than planned.

Watch the video and read the case study to discover how Kao’s IT team accelerated time to market of the global app and experienced the “smoothest go-live” in their careers.  Imagine if you could do the same.  What impact would that have on your team?  Your projects and backlog?  Your business results?

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