With Mendix you can build all sorts of applications for your enterprise, from customer facing patient management systems to insurance claims, and from agency portals to internal apps for HR, IT or any other internal department. As I have worked with Mendix, I’ve built and seen a lot of great apps. In this article, I want to cover my top 3 sample apps.

Insurance Claims Portal

What I like about the insurance claims portal is that you can see a lot of Mendix functionalities, such as interactive graphs as seen below. You can see for example how many types of insurances are being created each month over the course of a year. You can also see some great details on policies, commissions and quota arrived if you are an insurance agent. Furthermore, you can easily create a quote, where a microflow triggers calculations based on information on how much a person needs to pay per month.

Employee Expenses

There are a lot of great out of the box tools out there that can do your employee expenses, such as Concur and so on. The trouble with out of the box solutions though is that within a couple of years they become outdated, not to mention that customization or even implementation can take weeks if not longer. With Mendix you can easily and quickly build your own app and customize as needed. For example, you can customize it to add as many lawyers of end user roles as needed from employee, manager to VPs, or even higher levels, and customize your views to see whatever you need. You can easily do currency conversations and integrate your expense portal with other systems such as SAP or Oracle financials, to ensure that your expenses are integrated with your finance systems. Below is a simple screenshot with basic information on what to download and view. You can also play with the expense app on your own here.

Company Expenses

Time Entry App

Here at Mendix we eat our own dog food so to speak and use Mendix app for various internal and external functionalities. For example, we have a time sheet and vacation tracker build in Mendix. Time entry apps are pretty interesting and very diverse. You can easily customize your own time entry app to add whatever you need it to. With the sample time entry app you can see when your time sheets are overdue and also if there are any projects that are going over. It is fairly intuitive and easily customizable.

Time Entry

I hope these 3 sample apps will give you a basic flavor of the different kinds of apps that can be built with Mendix. In addition, you have the flexibility to customize and help solve the exact problem your organization is facing in order to run your processes faster or externally work with your customer facing portals.


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