Running Mendix On A Windows Server

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Running Mendix On A Windows Server

/ January 23, 2012

If you need to run a Mendix project on a Windows server you can install it as a service by using the Mendix Windows Service Console. The tool can be downloaded from the support portal. It is located next to the Modeler download of that release.

Quite recently this service console received a major update and it is now at version 2.1; note that this version is meant to be used for Mendix 3 projects. The update contains a number of noteworthy improvements:

  • Both the project and Mendix server can be updated via the console. For the latter you simply download the ‘Server distribution’ and install it through the console.
  • The service can be started and stopped via the console.
  • If you start the server with the ‘Start’ button, the application runs under the same user account as the service will. This fixes the problem of accidentally requesting a license under one account and then trying to use it under another.
  • New application constants will get their default values as set in the Modeler. Be sure to still check whether the values of the constants are applicable to the server environment!

The complete list of changes and some helpful installation hints can be found in a forum post.

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