Showcase your Mendix Contributions and Earn Points

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Showcase your Mendix Contributions and Earn Points

/ August 15, 2016

We take a lot of pride in how vibrant the Mendix community is. The community is involved in many different activities both online and offline. For example, just last year, we had 600 unique attendees at our monthly Mendix Meetups. And the percentage of questions answered on the Mendix Forum by the community has gone up from 45% to 80%. Just as exciting is the fact that 80% of those questions are answered within 30 minutes of being posted.

Released just eight months ago, the community profile has played a critical role in this activity growth. The profile encourages the online community to grow, and it enables individual developers to showcase themselves to our community. We are integrating the community profile more and more with all of our tools. So, make sure your profile is public and up-to-date!

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Just take a look at our leaderboards to see all the developers willing to invest in the community and help us all get the most out of Mendix. We are already rewarding many activities with badges and points, and these points all add up to your Mendix Level. We’ve added two new leaderboards: Top Community and Top Learning, to better highlight our top contributors in these categories (see below). Now we are adding even more events so we can better represent your Mendix contributions to the community and reward you for all of this fantastic effort.


New ways to gain points and get the most out of Mendix

Write reviews

For the community to grow, it’s important that Mendix has as much visibility as possible, and positive reviews from the community can help to achieve this. So we’ve developed a new feature where you can add the reviews you’ve written to your profile. After writing a review on any of the three biggest review sites – Gartner Peer insight, TrustRadius and G2Crowd –  you can add the URL of your review to your profile. Then, based on these review links, you get points. For each review you write, you get 50 points!

screencast – add your review site reviews to your profile

Offline community points

We already have a vibrant online community, but it is also very important to have real-life contact with other developers so that you can share information, encourage each other, and connect faces to names. You can now get points for these community visibility events:

  • Attending or organizing Meetups
  • Attending or organizing webinars
  • Winning or finishing as a runner-up at a Mendix Hackathon
  • Attending Mendix World


Contributing to our documentation

We are in the process of migrating all of our documentation to GitHub, and this is another exciting development at Mendix that will help you get community points. The community will soon be able contribute and help improve all of the documentation and will even be able to share their extensive knowledge of functionalities by writing their own how-to’s! All the documentation will be written in the easy-to-use Markdown syntax, and editing capabilities will only be a few clicks away from any documentation page. There will be a totally new documentation site where you can see the documentation you have edited and added.

Also don’t forget that you can already get 25 points for adding a blog post to the Community Blog section of the developer site.


New points overview

And there are many other ways to get points. Here’s a breakdown of the new ways to get developer points for the community leaderboard:

Points Activity
300 Reach the MVP status
25 Write a blog post
50 Write a review
25 Attend a Meetup
100 Organize a Meetup
25 Attend Mendix World
50 Attend the Mendix Hackathon
150 Finish as runner-up at the Mendix Hackathon
300 Win the Mendix Hackathon


And here’s a breakdown of the new ways to get developer points in the learning category:

Points Activity
TBD Contribute to the Mendix documentation
10 Attend a webinar
15 Attend a workshop
1 Complete a lecture in the online Getting Started course
1 Complete a lecture in the online Introduction course
25 Complete the online Getting Started course
25 Complete the online Introduction course
10 Attend the classroom Rapid Developer course
25 Pass the Rapid Developer exam
10 Attend the classroom Advanced Developer course
50 Pass the Advanced Developer exam
100 Pass the Expert Developer exam


Of course, all of these points contribute to your Mendix level.

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