Solomon Group’s IoT Solution Named a Finalist in Constellation SuperNova Awards

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Solomon Group’s IoT Solution Named a Finalist in Constellation SuperNova Awards

/ September 12, 2016

The Internet of Things has presented companies with a major opportunity to create new experiences for their customers, partners and employees. One company that is utilizing the Internet of Things to digitally transform their business is Solomon Group, an award-winning entertainment design and production firm that encountered a problem impacting its clients that couldn’t be solved using any other technology or means.

Constellation SuperNova AwardsAs a finalist in the IoT category of the 2016 Constellation SuperNova Awards, Solomon Group is among the IoT early adopters that are seeing real business value and inspiring other organization to begin experimenting with the technology.

“We came up with our first IoT solution for the Essence Festival,” recalls Solomon Group partner Jonathan Foucheaux. “We have a large daytime component of the festival which is free. The challenge was that the fire marshal wanted to shut us down after we hit the capacity of the convention center, which we do early on in the day. The issue is, people were leaving throughout the day and we wanted to be able to let additional folks in as others left, as there were long lines waiting. That left us with the challenge of finding a way to figure out what the total count was in the venue at any given moment. If 10,000 people left, we wanted to be able to let 10,000 more in but you can’t manually track that data.”

To solve this problem, they built optical “turnstiles” equipped with sensors that monitor foot traffic coming both in and out of gates. In order to aggregate and make sense of all of the data in real-time, they used REST calls to pull the data into a Mendix app in order to visualize all of the data.

Solomon Group Smart App enabled by IoT

Once they had all of the raw data, they could do things like visually chart throughput per hour. The real-time foot traffic data can be used to optimize everything from staffing levels to food and beverage orders to sponsor placement.

Solomon Group had the foresight and creativity to successfully implement these emerging technologies to create new solutions for their clients. And the results are clear. Being able to tell a fire marshal exactly how many people are in a venue at any given time allows their clients to sell more tickets and permit more people to enter the event by controlling the flow in and out of the entrances and exits with a high level of precision.

In one instance, the fire marshal was limiting a promoter to selling only 2,000 tickets.  By installing their system for this event, and demonstrating that they could accurately show how many people are in the venue at any given moment, the promoter was allowed to sell 2,500 tickets.  At nearly $200 per ticket, Solomon Group’s system provided their client with a revenue swing of nearly $100K on a single night.

Vote for Solomon Group here. Winners will be announced at the SuperNova Awards Gala on October 27.

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