Sprintr Integration

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Sprintr Integration

/ December 6, 2011

The Modeler is integrated in several ways with the agile project management tool sprintr. You can create a new project both from sprintr and the Modeler. If you create a project from sprintr you can enable the Team Server yourself and then open the project in the Modeler. If you create a project from the Modeler, a corresponding Team Server project is automatically created.

The first thing you typically do is collect requirements in the form of stories in sprintr. Once you have done that and identified which stories you will be doing in the first sprint, you can open the project in the Modeler and start building the application. The stories of the current sprint are available for reference in the Stories window and you can set their status to Running and Done without leaving the Modeler.

The home form of a new application contains a feedback widget that will be visible to the users of your application. Feedback entered through this widget will end up in the Feedback tab page of the project on sprintr. Accepting feedback turns it into a story that can be planned in a sprint again and then be implemented in the Modeler. A story based on a feedback item shows a link to quickly jump to the form from which the feedback was submitted. Evolving your application based on user feedback does not get any simpler!

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