Take a crash course on the future of app development at Mendix World 2019

Take a crash course on the future of app development at Mendix World 2019 by David Eaton

As a professional developer, you strive to make an impact with the apps that you create.

But there’s bureaucracy where there should be collaboration. There’s status quo where there should be innovation. There are requirements, but no context. There’s more work and re-work, but where is your voice and input? This happens time and time again, project after project.

With low-code, those frustrations go away.

Professional developers are more valuable than ever in the world of low-code. We recognize that with your strong background in IT and experience in development, learning low-code will be quick and easy, and that’s why we at Mendix Academy developed the Mendix Crash Course – to be held at Mendix World 2019, April 15 — to teach you how to foster collaboration, reduce re-work, and still code, all in less than a day.

Why a Crash Course?

This fast-paced, advanced-level crash course takes concepts, models, and frameworks you’re an expert at and shows you how to map those to the low-code Mendix platform.

Mendix enables a whole spectrum of developers, from citizen and business developers to professional and hardcore developers. The Mendix platform designed to be easy to learn so that you can quickly translate concepts, models, and frameworks into a low-code environment and rapidly develop your own apps. earn to accelerate and amplify that impact with Mendix.

Enabling a range of developers is important because it alleviates those frustrations we talked about at the start of this post. Fed up with re-work because requirements aren’t well defined? Having developers sitting in both the business and IT means a closer connection between the two organizations, with each person brings his or her own specific domain knowledge to app development, which results in clearer communication.

Innovation being stifled? With low-code, you can guide new developers in the business to think about solving problems using logic, and, in the process, offload programming tasks to create bandwidth to work on more strategic initiatives (like building those impactful apps you’re always striving to make).

Still want to code though? No problem. Mendix apps can easily be extended with technologies that you’re already familiar with like Java and .NET.

You’ll learn how to do all of this with Mendix during the Crash Course.

What you’ll experience at the Mendix Crash Course

To kick off the event, we’ll introduce you to the Mendix Platform architecture and show you how to develop applications that you can progressively build out into powerful apps. We’ll cover cross-cutting concerns like:

  • The Mendix Platform security model
  • Integrating with third-party services
  • How to extend the Mendix platform and make it your own with front-end components built with JavaScript and back-end functionality using the full power of Java
  • Client/server decoupling that allows for horizontal scaling

You’ll learn about the Mendix App Store, an online repository of reusable components, developed and shared by Mendix and a community of over 70,000 developers that will enhance your applications and accelerate delivery of cutting-edge technology.

In the afternoon, you’ll be getting your hands dirty, put that theory into practice and work with the Mendix Platform. In teams, you’ll explore the capabilities of the Mendix Platform and develop an application right on site.

Our Expert Services team will be there to answer all your questions and help you dive deeper into the subjects that you care about and face every day.

At the end of the day, you’ll have the opportunity to meet one of the Mendix founders and pick his brain in an open-panel discussion.

So what are you waiting for?

If you’re a software developer, an enterprise architect, a programmer, an expert in Java or .NET (or any other framework), and you’re interested in an accelerated introduction to low-code, come to Mendix World, register for the Mendix Crash Course for free, and start building the apps you’ve always wanted to make.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

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