The calendar widget is one of the most useful widgets when your application requires any type of scheduling, time management or event tracking. I’ve seen a number of customers use the widget for vacation tracking, lab management, and reservation applications.

The widget is simple to add to any project; you simply drag and drop the calendar widget on any page you want and start to configure your elements. The widget allows for a lot of flexibility regarding behavior, attributes, appearance and so on.


Figure 1 – Calendar widget overview and configuration

We use the calendar widget for our internal time tracking, and it’s very easy to see how many hours individuals book per day and per month. With this data, we can add more analytics to the application to create a more complex and functional application.

We also use the calendar widget for our employees to easily track vacation. When I joined Mendix, each employee had to email vacation requests to his or her manager and to our HR representative. Your manager would reply with an approval and the HR rep would keep track of the vacation day(s) in a large and complicated excel spreadsheet. And this process was not uniform throughout the whole company, making it even harder for HR to manage. Furthermore, the HR department was the only group that had access to accurate vacation balance information, making it tedious for employees to find out how many days they had left.

Jasper, one of my co-workers, decided this system was just too complex and built a new vacation tracker application in less than 2 days. Now, anyone can easily log into the application, request the days they want off, review their balance and see their vacation approvals. The manager can easily approve the vacation through an automatically generated email.


Figure 2 – Mx Vacation tracking application (specifics blurred out for anonymity)  

The beauty of the widget is that you can customize it to do whatever you need; so it can fit with your company’s needs.


Figure 3 – Reservation Tracking App (specifics blurred out for anonymity)  

You can easily add the calendar widget to your app here and check it out!


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