The New Console Dock

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The New Console Dock

The New Console Dock by Arjan van IJzendoorn

You can now run your project inside the Business Modeler! Gone are the days of staring at the white-on-black command prompt window. When you click the run button (or  press F5) the new console dock will be activated and the output of the platform will appear in that window. The text box below the output area can be used for entering menu choices. The automatic scrolling of the output window can be temporarily locked so that you can more easily read messages while new ones are appearing.

There are numerous other improvements in the deployment process. The messages in the console dock are color-coded so that errors and warnings are much easier to spot. The run button changes into a restart button that will terminate the running platform and start it afresh. This also means you can no longer accidentally start the platform twice. The stop button next to the run button only terminates the platform.

You can still use the old way by selecting ‘in command prompt’ in the drop-down menu of the run button. If you want to debug microflows you will have to use the old way because this is not yet supported in the console dock. The chosen run mode will be remembered and pressing F5 will always run in the mode you prefer.

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Arjan van IJzendoorn