The Survey Builder DX is here!

on November 24, 2015


Recently, as I was reviewing all the new app releases and content in our App Store, I saw the survey builder DX and downloaded it. Once I deployed it, I was impressed with how easy it was to create and take surveys!

The survey builder already came with 3 user roles: anonymous (the survey taker), creator and administrator. With the demo user feature you can switch between user roles with ease and review all functionality.


Figure 1 User Roles Selections and Options

As an anonymous user, you arrive at the front page to take a survey. But this is not possible once the survey is completed. As you build the survey, developers must be logged in as a demo user to see that view.


Figure 2 Guest dashboard

When you click ‘take a survey,’ you’ll see a plethora of survey options categorized as business and social and you can start taking the surveys. Your results will be automatically logged and tracked by the administrator or creator user role.


Figure 3 Survey Options for Guests

When you log in as an administrator, you’ll see a dashboard of all the surveys created. From here, you can create your own surveys by clicking on ‘New.’


Figure 4 Administrator Dashboard


Figure 5 Survey Configuration and Options when you select new

Each tab then walks you through a different component for configuration. You add your questions to the elements tab (such as open text questions or options and scales from 1 to 10 and so on). In the revisions tab, you can see all the different versions of the survey to help track your progress and make changes. And finally, the results tab displays all the results of the people who have taken the survey.

A survey is not made public to the guest users until it is published and you can recall a survey at any time if needed.

My favorite part of the survey builder is logging in as creator.


Figure 6 – Survey Builder dashboard

When you login as a survey creator you have a dashboard showing the most important parts of the surveys. You can see the number of responses in the last 24hrs, responses based on gender or any other category you can configure and then review all the surveys and their responses. Check out the survey builder on your own here and happy surveying!

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