The True Catalyst for Innovation: Mendix

The True Catalyst for Innovation: Mendix by Jeffrey Goldberg

Let’s talk about the word “catalyst” for a moment. In chemistry, a catalyst acts as an accelerant, a substance that enables a chemical reaction to proceed at a faster rate. A catalyst is a trigger, an impetus, a driver for action.

At Gartner Catalyst, you’ll find myriad technologies discussed that, when implemented and activated, let you thrust your organization into an amazing digitized world and change the way you do business. However — augmented reality, virtual reality, the Internet of Things, business intelligence software, a vast range of DevOps tools, etc. — these trends and technologies in and of themselves are not catalysts.

You need the platform that will help spark these technologies to life, bring them to the forefront of your business, and easily tie them all together in one ecosystem. You need the one true catalyst that will help you swiftly enable these technologies: the Mendix low-code platform. And when you use Mendix to develop for these technologies, you will go beyond “just low-code.”

Whoa, mind blown, right? Allow me to explain.

The part where I explain

Imagine you’re a manufacturing company looking to change the way your factory floor operates with augmented reality (AR). An AR-driven application that workers use to check the temperature of a piece of equipment could prevent machines from overheating.

Now, you could develop an AR-enabled application with Java. You could invest a lot of money into an AR SDK—yet another expensive addition to your technology stack—but you still need to learn how to use it…which takes time. And the development of this app is all done within IT, with minimal input from business stakeholders.

Now imagine you’re a healthcare company looking to implement AI to help better diagnose patients’ ailments. With tools like that, you’d not only be disrupting an industry, your organization would gain the ability to save more lives and improve people’s well-being. But there are costs associated with AI: developing it takes time; writing Python (or Java, or C++) programs to help train your AI requires expensive skills or training.

The same can be said for integrating cognitive services and changing the way your users engage with your business and product, or for those DevOps tools you’ve into which you’ve invested so many resources, or for any of the technology that you’ll see on display at Gartner Catalyst.

You’ve heard these buzzwords. You’ve most likely uttered them yourself in strategy meetings because you know how vital they are to your company’s future. But be it because of a dearth of talent, the maintenance of mission-critical infrastructure, or the countless other reasons we’ve seen cause IT departments to spin their wheels with digital transformation (yet another buzzword), they’re just not happening. Mendix is the catalyst to make these buzzwords into a reality for your organization and start producing business-altering apps faster than traditional development.

The part in which I tie it all together

A lot of times, we hear people talk about how low-code is “just” for simple applications or a small portfolio. We’ve heard that you can’t scale out or deploy anywhere with “just low-code”. How could you possibly capitalize and innovate with all these technologies with “just low-code”? Mendix is not just a low-code platform. It’s an innovation ecosystem.

Rather than spend weeks developing an AR app that your factory floor workers had no input on, imagine a future in which you do this with low-code. With Mendix Studio Pro’s visual modeling, you can strip away all the coding and quickly build and iterate to solve business problems accurately. Rather than spend days figuring out how to incorporate facial recognition software into an app, easily do it with Mendix’s openness to client- and server-side APIs. Rather than build from scratch an AI tool, use Mendix’s extensibility to speed up development process. Mendix let’s you go beyond “just low-code” and accelerating your adoption of these technologies and actually putting them to work, all in one place.

The part where I tell why you need to meet us at Gartner Catalyst 2019

Visit me and the rest of the Mendix team at booth #307 during Gartner Catalyst August 12-15 to see how you can go beyond “just low-code”. We’ll have demos showcasing deploying Mendix apps on Docker using Azure DevOps, making apps React Native, and how freakin’ easy it is to add cognitive services to your app.

Before I close, another note about the definition of a catalyst. As a catalyst increases the rate of a reaction, it rarely undergoes any permanent change itself. The catalyst remains stable. This is especially true of Mendix. We have led and innovated in this space for a long time, becoming a permanent fixture in the industry.

So you can get the most out of the event, before you arrive, make sure you know everything about multi-experience development platforms (MXDP) and see why we’ve led this space for so long.

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