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The Version Selector

The Version Selector by Arjan van IJzendoorn

The Mendix Version Selector introduced in version 4.3.0 automatically selects the Modeler of the right version when you open a Mendix project file (.mpr). If you have multiple versions of the Modeler installed this can be a great time saver. Without the version selector you had to remember which project was created in which version and open the corresponding Modeler yourself. And the version selector not only works for 4.3.0 and newer but for all versions of Mendix! So, even if you are using older versions you can still benefit from having the version selector on your system.

How It Works

The version selector associates itself with the .mpr file extension. Every time you double click an .mpr file the version selector is opened. It looks through the Program Files directory to find installed Modeler versions. Then, it retrieves the version of the project and tries to find a matching Modeler version. If it succeeds, the Modeler is started and the project is opened. This all happens so quickly that you might not even see it.

Until you try to open a project that you do not have a Modeler for…

Version Not Found

If you do not have the exact same version Modeler version that the project was created with, the ‘Version Not Found’ dialog appears.

It offers three options:

  • You can download and install the correct version from the App Store by following the provided link. After installing the new version, you can double-click the project file again.
  • You can open the project in a newer Modeler. Choose the version from the drop-down and click ‘Open with selected Modeler version’. The project will be converted to this newer version.
  • If you installed Modeler versions in non-default locations, you can add them to the list of known versions by clicking ‘Manage installed Modeler versions’.

Installing Older Versions

If you install older versions of the Modeler you have to make sure that they do not steal the file association from the version selector. Older installers associated the .mpr file extension with the specific Modeler executable itself. Fortunately, you can prevent this from happening by unchecking a check box in the installer:

Uncheck this check box when installing older versions
Uncheck this check box when installing older versions

Restoring The File Association

If by accident you installed an older Modeler without unchecking the check box there is still a way to restore the association to the version selector. Just go to any Mendix project file in the Explorer and right-click it. Choose ‘Open with’ and then ‘Choose default program…’.

Restoring the file association, part 1
Restoring the file association, part 1

Select the Mendix Version Selector in the dialog that appears and make sure that it will be used for all files of this type.

Mendix Project Packages

One final feature of the version selector is that it can also handle Mendix project packages (.mpk). A project package is an archive that contains the project file and all necessary other files for a project. If you open such a file, the version selector asks you where you want to extract the package to. After extraction, the project is opened with the correct Modeler.

We hope you enjoy this tiny, mostly invisible program!

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Arjan van IJzendoorn