Top 10 in 2017: Our Most-Read Blogs for IT and Business Leaders

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Top 10 in 2017: Our Most-Read Blogs for IT and Business Leaders

/ January 4, 2018

As 2017 ends, we’re actively planning ahead but also looking back. We published a lot of great content on the Mendix blog over the past year. We thought it only fitting to highlight the top blogs.

Below, we recap the top 10 posts that we published in 2017 for IT and business leaders (based on page views in Google Analytics, in case you’re wondering). They cover topics ranging from digital transformation, to IBM Watson, to the anatomy of IoT apps, to agile development.

If you’re a Mendix developer more interested in how to leverage the latest capabilities of our platform, fear not. Next week, we’ll highlight the top 10 posts in 2017 for Mendix developers.

We hope you find these collections useful. We’re looking forward to serving up more insightful and inspiring content in 2018.

Happy New Year from the Mendix Team!

1. How We Built an IoT Application in 10 Days Using Watson IoT and IBM Blockchain

There is no shortage of potentially ground-breaking ideas out there, but there aren’t yet many IoT examples to pull inspiration from.  In order to demonstrate the possibilities of what companies can build on Mendix, we built an IoT application for fail-proof asset management. Read the full blog to learn how we came up with the idea and how we built the app.

2. Low-Code Development Platforms Address Soaring Application Needs

According to Forrester, low-code development platforms continue to gain traction in the market due to their ability to enable enterprises to rapidly build and deploy custom web and mobile apps—without the need for low-level coding. Gain insight into the key capabilities of Low-Code Development Platforms and why the need for these platforms is greater than ever.

3. How We Built a Financial Services App Using SAP Services in Just 10 Days

How do large established financial organizations compete when they are steeped in legacy systems? How can they take advantage of new agile ways of working to deliver rapid iterative solutions when they often lack the agility and skills to do so?  All while maintaining control and not putting their core business at risk? The Evangelist team here at Mendix has thought about these very problems and built a solution in just 10 days to show how the Mendix platform helps solve these challenges. Read the full blog to learn how we built a financial services app integrated with SAP data and services that include managing accounts & transactions, viewing & paying bills, providing feedback and making transfers.

4. The Ideal Scrum Team Composition for Agile Development

Once you have the basic foundation in place for adopting Scrum, the next step is to sort out your Scrum team composition. This blog post explains the importance of having an enthusiastic Scrum team and the responsibilities associated with each team role. Discover the key characteristics that are important to consider when creating your Scrum team.

5. How Insurers Can Equip Themselves for Their Digital Journey

When dealing with digital transformation in insurance, what many insurance firms have yet to learn is how to adopt digital strategically with business benefits in mind. While digitization is a top priority for many insurance CIOs, only 12 percent consider their organizations to be digitally progressive. So how can insurers launch, manage and govern their digital transformation, and scale innovation across their organizations, while avoiding the pitfalls that many fall into when tackling digital transformation in insurance? Rob Llewellyn shares the two questions you must focus on.

6. How to Implement Bimodal IT: Focus on the 4 P’s

By now, most CIOs have heard the term bimodal IT. The approach was conceptualized to balance the competing priorities of maintaining mission-critical systems and delivering the innovative applications required for successful digital transformation. This blog post outlines the 4 P’s of digital transformation (Portfolio, People, Process and Platform) and how they’re required to develop Mode 2 capabilities.

7. Enexis Groep Wins Best Enterprise IT Project of the Year

This blog post details how Enexis Groep, one of the leading energy providers in The Netherlands, uses low-code application development to build an app that won the Best Enterprise IT Project of the Year. Read more to see why they won.

8. How We Designed an Engaging Claims Processing App with the Mendix Atlas UI Framework

Our evangelist team explains how we designed an engaging, great-looking and highly usable claims processing app with the Mendix Atlas UI Framework. Read this blog for inspiration on how you can rapidly create engaging apps with great UX.

9. The Anatomy of an IoT Solution

McKinsey estimates that IoT could generate $11.1 trillion a year in economic value by 2025. Understandably, IT leaders face growing pressure from the business to deliver new IoT solutions that improve operational efficiency and grow revenue via connected products and services. So what does it take to develop IoT solutions and how do you establish the right architecture? This blog post is the first in a series to answer these questions and focuses specifically on the three layers of an IoT solution.

10. 8 Considerations for Picking Your First Digital Transformation Project

By this point, most organizations don’t have to be convinced about the need to go digital. The more pressing question is how to make digital innovation a reality. After learning about the Mendix Platform and approach, CIOs and IT leaders typically say something like, “This is great. How do I get started?” This blog shares the eight ideal characteristics that your first application should have to ensure you pick the right first project.  The goal is to discover how to identify a low-risk, high-impact project that delivers business value quickly, triggering a flywheel effect.

What was your favorite post from 2017? And what would you like to see us write more about in 2018? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter @Mendix!

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