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Upcoming Webinar: Rapid Application Delivery in the Telecommunications Industry

on May 8, 2013


We’re holding a webinar for telecom business and IT executives to demonstrate how the Mendix App Platform can help companies in this industry move forward, faster. Disparate systems and siloed data sources make integration a common requirement for application delivery projects in this industry. Add to this an extremely competitive landscape wherein applications that enable customer satisfaction can make or break a company’s competitive differentiation, and you have a real challenge. You need to build new heavily integrated applications – or extend existing ones – quickly enough to stay ahead of a myriad of competitive forces.

Players in this industry are adapting their systems in response to numerous mergers and acquisitions that add complexity to an already intricate data-driven application landscape. It’s no longer a matter of just staying in the game, they need to grow and progress in order to win business at all. Situations like this are where strategic application delivery platforms can make or break your market presence.

The fact is, business applications are a valuable marketing tactic and revenue driver for telecommunications companies, but barriers to delivering these applications can slow these projects, or kick them off the roadmap completely. Our telecommunications customers chose the Mendix App Platform because they needed a tried-and-true strategy to support application delivery at the speed of their business, and that means building secure, seamlessly integrated, and device-agnostic applications in days – not months.

UPDATE 5/30/2013: This webinar is now available on-demand.

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RSS Feed of the Mendix Blog

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