Vote for Your Favorite Nominees of the Channel Awards 2018

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Vote for Your Favorite Nominees of the Channel Awards 2018

/ August 27, 2018
Channel Awards 2018

Another great award event is coming up! Channelweb will hold its annual awards ceremony on November 11th in Utrecht. Companies, projects and people from the Netherlands will be celebrated for innovations in IT during the past year.

We’re excited and honored that our customers and partners, with support from Mendix, have been nominated four times in two categories. Here’s a snapshot of the projects nominated and why we think they are award-winning cases:

Best Channel Project of the Year: Hortisense IoT (Hortilux and First Consulting)

In horticulture, growers want to maximize their crop yield every season, depending on conditions such as light and climate control. The Hortilux team, along with Mendix partner First Consulting, developed an application on the Mendix platform called HortiSense. HortiSense is an IoT application that measures the light output and climate in the greenhouse and monitors transformers and electrical panels for signals that indicate overheating, the quality of the power supply (Power Quality) and the expected remaining lifetime of lamps. Users can limit risks based on these measured values and control them more effectively, thus increasing the yield. The output of the information prompts growers to proactively order replacement products, send out service requests, and request maintenance reports, technical drawings and warranty information via an integrated customer portal and web shop.

Best Channel Project of the Year: Digitalisering Nationale Hypotheek Garantie (NHG and Appronto)

NHG, in collaboration with Appronto and Mendix, has digitized the data exchange with mortgage lenders in order to increase the user experience for lenders. The old system was dated and the retrieval of data was time-consuming and error-prone. Appronto has helped NHG create a flexible application landscape with the Mendix Platform as a foundation to launch new services. The old monolithic environment was migrated to a microservices architecture and the data exchange has been automated. The new functions are user-friendly and easy to understand, which has translated into a huge increase in the use by mortgage companies, higher data quality, and greater efficiency at both chain partners and NHG. Thanks to NHG, more than 1.3 million households (out of a total of 4.4 million owner-occupied homes) are living up to their housing needs.

With the Mendix platform, Appronto has created an environment in which business and IT collaborate on ideas for new services that deliver added value to customers. Through this intensive collaboration, they have been able to perfectly match the wishes of the customer and finish the project within the agreed time and budget. The apps built on Mendix have helped NHG offer everyone the same opportunities for responsible financing of their own home, regardless of the nature of the employment and contract type.

Best Vertical Market Channel Approach of the Year: Bizzomate and Acumen

Our implementation partner, Bizzomate, helped an insurance company, De Goudse Verzekeringen, automate their social insurance processes on behalf of Acumen, a company specializing in insurance.

Together, they developed a new application on the Mendix platform based on the Straight Through Processing framework of Acumen, an initiative used by financial companies to speed up the transaction process.

Bizzomate brings technical expertise with their experience using Mendix in the insurance industry. Acumen has knowledge of complex insurance processes and has experience with increasing operational quality through their unique process implementation methodology. The combination of both parties ensures that processes are set up and supported in such a way that the satisfaction of the customers is guaranteed.

The developed framework is now being used for any income changes to an insurance policy, as well as for handling claim reports. Users are finding that with this new automated system, the process has shortened by 70 to 90 percent.

Best Vertical Market Channel Approach of the Year: Aquila

Aquila has developed applications with the Mendix platform for insurance companies such as Achmea, Delta Lloyd and the (Greek) Interamerican. In all cases, the projects were started at a small scale, to ensure that they are well managed and more cost effective. By working on a small scale, parties have a more transparent view into the project and can make direct adjustments.

For these assignments, Aquila’s years of experience within the insurance industry is of great benefit. Knowledge of the products and processes is essential here, because specifications and documentation are often lacking for these types of projects. This knowledge, and the collaboration with end users, led to many successful implementations. Aquila was able to deliver the projects within eight months with the help of Mendix, and thus laid the foundation for follow-up assignments.

The voting for Computable Awards is now open and we hope you will participate and vote for your favorites!