What Do You Know About Your Business’ Plan to Digitize?

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What Do You Know About Your Business’ Plan to Digitize?

/ April 3, 2015

No one expects your business to digitize overnight. However, while your business plans for the future, so do your competitors – and a host of digitally native new companies ready to disrupt your market. So it should be no surprise to hear that the business is pushing for change faster than ever before. And this change comes in the form of new digital apps.

Often, IT teams are fairly separated from this discussion – so it’s easy to miss the urgency associated with the problem at hand. But that cannot be the case any longer. IT needs to insert itself into digitization discussions, increase its understanding of what the business needs, and find a way to deliver these new digital applications quickly.

But first, consider your current situation. How available is your team right now? According to our research:

  • 71% of IT teams can’t deliver on business demand
  • 69% of IT teams deliver projects too late
  • 89% of IT teams are unable to reduce their backlog

In an earlier article, I discussed the increasing unrest within businesses caused by the need for the rapid delivery of new apps. The ‘rapid app wars’ tell the story of how an IT department struggled to meet business demand for digitization, but then turned its approach around and was able to work more closely with the business, and ultimately deliver the necessary apps that helped moved the business forward at ‘warp speed.’

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Like most IT teams, you’re probably in the middle of a similar war, racing to deliver new apps to help bring your business into the digital era. But based on what I’ve seen in the market, success is very limited to date. And much of the problem is because IT and Business teams are not on the same page regarding plans and priorities.

It’s time to take a greater interest in the business realm and to make sure that your IT initiatives are in line. Luckily, there’s plenty of research that showcases what business teams need. When asked what benefits were expected from digitization efforts, the Altimeter Group found that the top five responses included a lift in engagement, improved customer satisfaction, higher traffic, increased lead gen/sales, and greater conversions.


Each of these benefits relates to how a business will engage or transact. In essence, every digitization project is meant to bring the company closer to its constituents, including customers, partners, and employees. And while businesses have discussed customer-centric strategies for years, the stakes have grown, just as the proliferation of mobile devices has grown. Consumers are now accustomed to mobile devices and intuitive apps, and expect similar experiences across all engagements.

Apps are now the primary driver for growth and differentiation, creating an opportunity for IT to become a true change agent and business enabler. While the specific functions and requirements of your projects will be unique to your organization, you can expect business requests to include three common factors. Your business teams:

  1. Want a more connected, digital presence
  2. Need better customer engagement and operational efficiency
  3. Expect mobile-friendly apps to be delivered faster

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Each of these priorities cannot progress without IT. And while this can increase your prominence within the business, it can also leave your team exposed to a growing list of projects with shrinking timelines. Have you received requests for projects related to these topics? If not, there’s a chance your business teams are attempting to find IT solutions on their own.

multichannel-application-deliveryYou need a faster path forward, a way to more quickly deploy new digital solutions that delight customers and support your employees. To achieve this, you’ll have to fundamentally rethink your approach to application delivery. Find out how you can jump forward into the digital age with the help of three tactics, proven successful by your peers.

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