What You Need To Know About Mendix 3.0

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What You Need To Know About Mendix 3.0

What You Need To Know About Mendix 3.0 by Mendix

This week we launched version 3.0 of the Mendix Agile Business Platform, now supporting full Agile Application Lifecycle Management in the cloud. There are quite a few additions that are sure to make your application landscape a lot more user friendly. Check out the release notes for the full technical deep dive, but in the meantime here’s the short version of what you need to know.

2 New additions to the lifecycle management process

Sprintr is now in public beta, accepting sign ups on a rolling basis. What is it? It’s a one-two punch of enterprise social collaboration and agile project management, rolled up into a lightweight web application and offered completely free. Your entire company can use it to collaborate on a dedicated company wall. You can create projects by collaborating on user stories, and track their progress with all the bells and whistles you’d want. Best of all, sprintr’s feedback module works with any website or web app – so you’ll be generating new user stories for the lifetime of your application.

The Enterprise Cloud Platform is your new control tower – it’s where you deploy applications, manage and monitor their performance and most of all, it’s your convenient dashboard to the multi-tenant cloud architecture. Model-execution-as-a-service, transport workflow, alerts, and backup management will give IT departments the time they need to focus on new initiatives. The end result: long term business agility.

Big Advances for Distributed Development Teams

Version Control – The Business Modeler now has an even easier way to version your models and provides advanced features like branching and merging. An intuitive conflict resolution mechanism assists you in merging all kinds of model changes even if another team member changed the same property as you did. Read more here.

Team Server Integration – Written on top of Subversion and delivered as a plugin to sprintr, the Team Server is designed to make the life of a Mendix Business Engineer easier. The Business Modeler is tightly integrated with the Team Server, so things like creating a new project (including a versioned model repository), updating, committing changes, merging model versions, etc. are all available from within the Business Modeler as a single click action.

Well there you have it. Mendix 3.0 is already making our dev teams giddy with excitement – and that’s no small feat. Partners are getting first dibs on 3.0, but don’t worry, a trial version will be available by the end of the summer.

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