Your Company Now Has Its Own Enterprise App Store

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Your Company Now Has Its Own Enterprise App Store

/ June 26, 2013

Mendix 5 has been released! Here is the third post of a series of ‘feature deep dives’ about the latest version of the Mendix App Platform:

  1. Mendix 5 Brings High Design to High Speed App Delivery
  2. All New Platform APIs Connect Mendix to Your Dev Tools
  3. Your Company Now Has Its Own Enterprise App Store

In Mendix 2.5, we introduced our first Community App Store – a virtual storefront for the whole Mendix Community to share their apps, widgets, components, themes and anything else they’ve constructed in Mendix. It was the early days of App Stores, and at the time, this was a simple solution to providing the whole community access to the most commonly used application parts. Two years later, Mendix 5 brings the App Store concept directly to your dev room with an “Enterprise App Store.” (See what we did there? This one’s for your enterprise!)

Keep Your IP to Yourself, Please

The Enterprise App Store now resides in your instance of the Mendix App Platform, shared only between members of your Mendix company account. This allows you to easily re-use app models, model parts, widgets, app services, themes and more in a single place with your team, and keeps versioning, release notes, and documentation in one place. We found that while the Community App Store is great for sharing widely used content across the whole community, many of our customers wanted a way to organize and share their content. The new Enterprise App Store allows companies to share their IP-rich content safely and securely.

Serve Up App Services

Did you hear? There’s a new category of elements in the Mendix App Platform: App Services. These chunks of rapid application delivery firepower snap into any Mendix application, and just like it sounds – provide a pre-built, reusable service. You can share them in your account’s Enterprise App Store with one click, or share them in the Community App Store with an approval cycle by a Mendix Community Admin. You can even monetize community App Services and use a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. The big improvement here is that you can easily consume these app services into projects, and start off with a significant amount of functionality already built.

At Mendix, we think of App Stores a little differently than the rest of the world. The central idea to Mendix App Stores is that they enable content reuse so that you never have to build anything twice. No, it’s not a store of apps – it’s a store of apps and everything else. Kind of like your car dealer and aftermarket parts seller all in one – and to follow that metaphor, the Mendix App Platform is your mechanic, carwash, engine lights, and German manufacturing plant (we even have a guy named Hans who knows everything!), plus a bunch of other stuff too. The moral of the story is: the more stuff we as a developer community, and you as a development team, can amass and “publish” ahead of time – the more time we’ll all save delivering great enterprise applications.

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