Box for Mendix - Design Box Apps, Workflows & More

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Build content-rich enterprise apps through rapid application development

Improve the content experience for your customers, partners and employees while maintaining enterprise-grade security and compliance for your apps.

Mendix and Box provide an integrated platform to drive digital innovation at scale. Leverage Mendix’s visual modeling and agile project management capabilities to build multi-channel Box apps in short, iterative cycles. Combine these capabilities with Box’s secure file sharing and ability to preview 120 file types to build the next generation of content-rich enterprise applications up to 10 times faster than using traditional development.

Organizations can start building enterprise-ready applications such as expense management, HR onboarding, claim submissions, field worker management, and more, utilizing the combined power of Mendix and Box workflows.

Through the Mendix Box Connector, every Box API function is available as a native microflow activity in Mendix. Developers can simply drag and drop Box functions into their applications, without writing any code.

Mendix Box of Connectors

We chose to partner with Mendix because the platform is the enterprise standard for rapid application development, enabling developers of every skill level to quickly extend the power of Box and accelerate their digital business initiatives.