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Rotterdam, NL

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At Mendix, we practice what we preach. We develop our feedback and collaboration platform using the Mendix Modeler. The modeler is part of an extensive technology stack that combines the best of breed tools to create and shape a great user experience for our customers.

We enjoy working on a range of applications throughout their lifecycle, from initial design to maintaining and improving them while in production. We believe that if you build it, you should run it. We're persistent and we like to get to the bottom of things.

For our next team member, these are the things we're looking for:

  • A fan of agile, if not an evangelist
  • Someone who likes to share ideas (and who can communicate them in English)
  • An innate urge to improve the status quo, whether it's product or process
  • Clean code makes you happy, but satisfied customers make you happier
  • For you, work is also about having fun and playing the occasional game of foosball
  • We can check out your skills on Github or StackOverflow
  • Unix commands don't scare you

There are many reasons why we like to be part of Mendix in general, but some stand out:

  • Everyone is appreciated for their skills and ideas, regardless of mother tongue, ability to grow a beard, or crazy hobbies
  • Monthly crafting days allow us to explore side projects or try out cool new technologies, and share our experiences with the rest of the organization
  • Teams are autonomous and responsible for coming up with innovative ideas that contribute towards the bigger picture

While we use Mendix for a considerable part of our platform applications, we are not tied to a single technology stack, and we adopt new ones as the need arises. The list of technologies you'll encounter includes:

  • Docker
  • Vagrant
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • NodeJS
  • Python
  • AWS
  • Linux Administration
  • Puppet/Chef/Ansible/etc.
  • Data analysis

About Mendix

We're a company that creates software to create software. We started off building a modeling environment (let's say ruby-on-rails meets visio), but have since evolved to support the entire software development life cycle. From creating software to automatic deployments to ticketing, we offer it all. This brings on a ton of cool challenges: we get to tackle all of the fundamental CS problems and solve them in new and cool ways.

We're all open for using the latest tech, as long as it's a good match. Every month, we have crafting days where devs are invited to work on whatever they want. People work on things such as that one bug that somehow never got prioritized, trying out a cool new technology which may be useful to us (now or in the future), or building a Lego Mindstorms setup to control the elevator.

We like people that take ownership and try to give everyone as much freedom as possible. That means as little process as we can get away with: we don't want to get in your way. We also strive to stay as flat as possible: have an issue? Walk right into our CTO's office and bring it up. Despite the fact that our client base consists of large enterprises, we do not allow an enterprise culture to enter our R&D department. We value our start-up culture which has brought us so much success. We are a tech company, not a consultancy firm.

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