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Rotterdam, NL

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Mendix builds the next generation of innovative software to help companies make their digital revolution a reality: a platform to rapidly model modern applications (for desktop, tablet, and phone with excellent UI and APIs based on REST, OData, or web services), which we run in our cloud.

The MetaServices team first and foremost maintains the formal specification (aka, the Meta Model) of the Mendix modelling language and builds the tooling required to do this. It also maintains and improves the Mendix Model API and SDK. This team is right at the center of Mendix R&D and talks to everyone to see how we can speed up and improve the development of our whole platform. Effectively, MetaServices provides for Mendix R&D what Mendix provides to our customers: a low-code platform that greatly improves productivity.

The Software Engineer Meta Modeling role goes way beyond "regular" software development. Typical activities include:

  • Language engineering, both low-level (parsing, Xtext, Xtend) as well as high-level ("what is a good modelling language?")
  • Meta modelling
  • Code generation
  • Eclipse plugin development

Currently, the team has room for a software engineer with knowledge of and experience in *language engineering/model-driven software development*, JavaScript (or even better, TypeScript) on the back-end (Node.js), and scalability. Thinking "meta" should be second nature to you: the more "meta" the bettah! We don't do buzzword bingo, so if you don't tick all the boxes above but are confident you can learn them on the job, go ahead and apply!

Why We Like It Here

We work with modern technology: Node.js, TypeScript, OpenStack/Pivotal/AWS, Scala, Xtext/Xtend, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, etc.

We also work with mature technology, but no more than strictly necessary: Eclipse, Java, Jenkins, etc.

We work in Agile according to Scrum and have a very flat organization: R&D includes about 70 people, has 2 managers (which you don't see unless you actually need them), 1 CTO, and a number of dedicated POs and Scrum masters.

We're a bunch of fun, enthusiastic, and young (of mind, body, or both) devs who are way better than average. We like to work as a team towards a common goal and challenge each other to become better day in day out.

We create software that's used directly, extensively, and daily by a large customer base to create a lot of business value.

Mendix offers a good salary and secondary remunerations/benefits.

About Mendix

We're a company that creates software to create software. We started off building a modeling environment (let's say it was like Ruby on Rails meets Visio), but we have since evolved to support the entire software development lifecycle. From creating software to automatic deployments to ticketing, we offer it all. This brings on a ton of cool challenges: we get to tackle all of the fundamental CS problems and solve them in new ways.

We're open to using the latest tech as long as it's a good match. Every month, we have crafting days when developers are invited to work on whatever they want. For example, people work on a bug that somehow never got prioritized, try out a cool new technology that may be useful to us (now or in the future), or build a Lego Mindstorms setup to control the elevator.

We like people who take ownership, and we try to give everyone as much freedom as possible. This means there's as little process as we can get away with, because we don't want to get in your way. We also strive to stay as flat as possible. Do you have an issue? Walk right into our CTO's office and bring it up. Despite the fact that our client base consists of large enterprises, we do not allow a bureaucratic culture to enter our R&D department. We value the start-up culture that has brought us so much success. We are a tech company, not a project-oriented organization.

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