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Rotterdam, NL

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We are looking for someone who can take the lead in ensuring the quality of our software releases. This does not mean just testing or test automation. It means that you need to help make quality awareness become second nature for the team.

Specifically, you will be responsible for the following:

  • Defining and maintaining the test procedures and internal guidelines for the Cloud Systems team while making sure they are adhered to.
  • Establishing quality criteria and specific tests for our major release milestones.
  • Selecting and implementing a bug tracking tool as well as a test framework for our automated integration tests.
  • Implementing our automated integration tests.
  • Reviewing our unit and component tests.

There is an existing body of automated tests that will need to be integrated into the test procedures to be developed. Our team develops infrastructure components, so experience with non-functional tests is more important than just functional testing. Also, we run Debian, so basic familiarity with the *nix command line is essential. We don't need you to be a coding wizard, but we aren't interested in someone who runs for the hills at the first mention of reading/writing code. Besides technical and testing skills, this job will require strong leadership skills so that the development team considers your recommendations.

Last but not least, we have a full set of awesome start-up perks: ping-pong and foosball during breaks, monthly research days, a yummy fully-stocked buffet lunch, free soda and snacks, and beers on Friday.

The Team

The Cloud Systems Team builds, operates, and expands the Mendix Cloud. The Mendix Cloud makes it extremely easy to deploy your applications and run them in production. We solve the hard problems related to hosting so that our customers don't have to. We run 1000s of apps that our customers have built with the Mendix platform using modern technologies such as AWS, Cloud Foundry, GO, and most recently, InfluxDB.


We're a company that creates software to create software. We started off building a modeling environment (let's say it was like Ruby on Rails meets Visio), but we have since evolved to support the entire software development lifecycle. From creating software to automatic deployments to ticketing, we offer it all. This brings on a ton of cool challenges, because we get to tackle the fundamental CS problems and solve them in new ways.

We're open to using the latest tech as long as it's a good match. Every month, we have crafting days when developers are invited to work on whatever they want. For example, people work on a bug that somehow never got prioritized, try out a cool new technology that may be useful to us (now or in the future), or build a Lego Mindstorms setup to control the elevator.

We like people who take ownership, and we try to give everyone as much freedom as possible. This means there's as little process as we can get away with, because we don't want to get in your way. We also strive to stay as flat as possible. Do you have an issue? Walk right into our CTO's office and bring it up. Despite the fact that our client base consists of large enterprises, we do not allow a bureaucratic culture to enter our R&D department. We value the start-up culture that has brought us so much success. We are a tech company, not a project-oriented organization.

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