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What is client portal software?

A client portal is a secure, private website that provides a space for financial advisors, insurance agents, and other types of service to enable client access to personal financial information and extra-sensitive financial management tools. Client portal software, more so than the more common customer portal software, facilitates the advisor’s access typically via encrypted routes and protocols.

An expert in a particular field, a digital insurer for example, can provide his or her clients with a portal in order to electronically share up-to-the-minute information on the client’s claims management, performance, allocation, and holdings. All the information can be viewed in one place—an added convenience for the client, and an effective way for the advisor to manage an abundance of client data.

The advisor and client can also use the portal to securely share data with other professionals who are serving the client, such as the client’s accountant and attorney. The intent is to streamline communications and enhance collaboration between members of the client’s financial team. With each passing day, streamlining of communications looks more and more like the use of mobile enterprise applications, which brings with it several benefits for both clients and the enterprise businesses taking advantage of the effects of increased mobility and digital transformation.

Security benefits of investing in client portals

A key benefit of client portal software is the introduction of encryption and added cybersecurity to file transfer. Unlike with traditional email services as well as basic customer portal software, when a user uploads a file to the client portal, the client portal software encrypts it before the transmission is activated. To maintain this level of high security, uploaded files get stored on the client portal in their encrypted state at all times, thus preventing front-end security threats, such as cross site scripting, and server-side security threats.

With Mendix’s rapid application development platform, businesses can build personalized client portals that easily integrate with and extend back-end system functions, in addition to supplementing existing security protocols. Our customers build customer portals up to 10 times faster than traditional development methods. In addition, with our model-driven development technology, client portals are easily implemented and adaptable so that your business can keep pace with demands, whether they extend beyond secure file transfer or data encryption.