How to Rapidly Build Custom Cloud Software

Today, success is dependent on how well you implement digital technologies that innovate your business and differentiate your products and services. But as business demand for new digital applications rises, IT bandwidth becomes more constrained and backlogs grow. Your business needs faster access to cloud software solutions that will engage your customers and empower your employees. You need a rapid path to deliver custom cloud software.

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Deliver Custom Cloud Software to Enable Your Digital Enterprise

Businesses continue to move to cloud software solutions as a means to reduce their IT infrastructure costs and enable application usage across digital channels. But while cloud software offers greater business agility, off-the-shelf solutions can be generic and costly to customize.

The advent of cloud application platforms now makes it possible for companies to build their own highly customized cloud software at unprecedented speed. The right platform will leverage model driven development capabilities and pre-built components so that you can deliver custom cloud software that solves your unique business problems 6 times faster than with traditional programming methods.

Deliver unique cloud software that will bring your company closer to its constituents, streamline operations, and automate business workflows. Learn more about how Mendix’s platform and rapid application development capabilities make it possible.

Mendix’s Rapid Path to Deliver Custom Cloud Software

As you investigate cloud platforms as a means to rapidly deliver custom cloud software systems that innovate and differentiate your business, make sure that you have the right development environments and practices in place to encourage speedy delivery and flexibility for future changes. Custom cloud software projects are highly tailored to unique business models and processes. As such, it’s best to focus on quickly launching a prototype and then iterating based on feedback over time.

You need a rapid application development model that covers the entire application lifecycle, including:

  • Design – Capture, refine and prioritize user stories; estimate, plan and monitor sprints and releases.
  • Build – Use visual models, pre-built components, and business logic workflows to rapidly develop applications in a common language understood by business and IT.
  • Deploy – Provision and manage apps in the cloud, including one-click deployment; manage test, acceptance and production environments.
  • Manage – Control all applications from a single dashboard, ensuring availability, security, performance and scalability.
  • Iterate – Gather feedback, including end user input, and use in the next cycle of design-develop-deploy-iterate.
  • Collaborate – Enable closed feedback loops so that all stakeholders can communicate and collaborate.

Build custom cloud software quickly, without compromising on quality. Find out how Mendix leverages rapid application development capabilities to make this possible.

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Gartner 2016 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise aPaaS
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