BDC Deploys an Interactive Architecture to Better Serve Its Customers

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About the case

With over 400 different integration points to take into account, BDC redesigned its entire workflow using Mendix in combination with Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and FICO Blaze Advisor business rules management software. With the help of Mendix, the development timeline was reduced from 30 months to 8 months—and with a team nearly a third of the size.


Alain Bergeron, vice president of IT solutions and operations for BDC said that the Mendix platform allowed BDC to deploy what he calls an interactive architecture that provides the level of IT agility the bank requires to better serve its customers.

Using Mendix, the team delivered a core lending system for loan origination, administration and disbursement that has reduced processing time and overhead costs while helping BDC become more nimble and customer centric.

"Today we get quick feedback from the user. It’s all about the agile processes."