Data Hub Frequently Asked Questions


If I upgrade to Premium will my data still be present?

Yes. Upgrading to premium will only remove the limit on the maximum daily remote entities that can be used per application. Your data will still be present as it was in the free tier.


How can I apply security to External Entities?

With Data Hub, source systems own and secure their own data and External Entities automatically respect/use that security and ownership. During runtime, appropriate credentials need to be passed to the source system as needed.


Can I give my Mendix partners access to my Data Hub?

Yes. This can be done via external access, and allows Data Hub admins to invite members (external users) from outside the organization.

External users can search for published data sources or use them in apps. External users cannot register or curate content unless they are an owner of the data source.

Who has access to Data Hub Catalog?

All Mendix users have access to the Data Hub Catalog. Once your company has paid for the Premium Data Hub, your users can see assets registered specifically within your company and consume as many of them as they’d like.


How do I share a Dataset?

In the Catalog on the detail page of a Dataset, you can find a Share Dataset button that will copy a deeplink to your clipboard to share with others.

Note that the person you share it with will only be able use it if they are from the same company or invited as an external user.

How do I use a dataset in my app?

In Studio Pro, you can go to the Data Hub pane and search for the dataset that you want to use. Simply drag and drop it on your domain model and use it like a normal entity.

In Studio, when selecting an Entity for a Data Container, you can switch to the Data Hub tab to search for Datasets.

How do I add an external data source in Data Hub Catalog?

There are three ways to add an external date source:

  • Through the connectors on the homepage, which open up a registration form
  • Using the Registration API
  • By exposing your data source as an OData service and deploying your application to the cloud

What information is stored in Data Hub Catalog?

The Data Hub Catalog only stores metadata information and not the data itself.

Your data stays with the source system. Only the data users are allowed to see will be securely transported to the local data store of the consuming Mendix app.

Product Operations

Do I need to take care of running Data Hub myself?

No. Data Hub is a Mendix product that is a SaaS offering. Mendix takes care of hosting, operating, and security.

Is Data Hub available for private cloud or on-prem?

External Entities will work at runtime wherever you deploy them. No access to the public internet is necessary. The Data Hub Catalog is currently only available as SaaS offering hosted on the Mendix Cloud.

Security and Compliance

What data does Data Hub store?

We don’t store any of your data. The Data Hub catalog only contains metadata. At runtime, your apps communicate directly with each other.

Can others from outside my company access my data without permission?

No. Connected metadata is securely stored with encryption at rest/in-transit and is only available to those within your organization and those you have explicitly invited.

Data exchanged by External Entities follows the network security policy/configuration, access rules, and data transfer (ingress/egress/encryption) rules of the connected systems and the network on which they are hosted. This means that data exchanged between connected systems are only as accessible as your organization allows them to be.