Free Mendix Employee Directory App

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Employee Directory focuses on the main aspects of managing a big group of people, like a company or institution, and gives the user the ability to view a simple and brief overview of this group. Upon clicking on an employee a more informative view can be shown. Not only does this template give the user the ability to add lots of detailed user information, but it also brings different user roles, each with other abilities, such as adding and modifying employees and departments.

Mendix Employee Directory App

This employee directory template is one of the “Basic Mendix Business Templates,” a series of basic Mendix business templates that are available in the Appstore. Every Mendix business template is a stand alone application that covers some generic functionality. Templates can be used as learning material, to create a proof-of-concept (POC) or for an existing project as starting point for your new directory application.

Benefits of Mendix’s Application Development Platform for Building an Employee Directory App

6x higher productivity

Speed web and mobile application development with visual modeling and business logic capabilities, delivering 6 times higher productivity than traditional programming methods.

Unparalleled flexibility

Easily collect feedback, iterate, and redeploy applications as changes are required, so that your business stays relevant within the market.

Reduced IT overhead

Simplify cross-platform development and back-end integration within one cloud platform to reduce infrastructure costs and improve your speed of delivery.

Higher quality custom solutions

Increase project success rates with integrated collaboration and feedback tools so that your team focuses on finding the right solution to solve business problems.