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App Capabilities

With the Mendix Platform, you can build multi-channel apps that deliver great user experiences on any device. User interface design is refined through an integrated Mendix framework that is fully responsive and extensible. Client-side logic can be easily configured, and the design patterns you create can be reused throughout your Mendix apps.

You can build, preview, test, publish, update, and extend web and mobile apps via different Mendix capabilities. You can also build rich offline apps
that always work, helping you to fulfill various business needs.

The options for cloud deployment reflect the importance Mendix places on its cloud-native architecture and design.

Mendix apps pull from a tremendous array of data sources while maintaining the strongest app security. The data can be queried, managed, and mapped throughout the platform. Integration is accomplished via consuming and exposing REST, SOAP, OData, web, and other services.

Capabilities of Mendix applications

UX & Multi-Channel Apps

Mendix helps you deliver the smooth and engaging user experience you need for your applications with an integrated visual development environment for building multi-channel apps. Discover how you can put the platform’s open, responsive, and extensible design framework to use while building amazing applications for any device.

Data Management

Mendix applications can combine multiple sources of data to deliver new systems of differentiation and innovation. Read about how the Mendix Platform empowers you to manage your app’s data storage, optimize your data queries, and handle data security.


Mendix supports integrating via data mapping, using JSON snippets, consuming REST and web services, publishing SOAP and OData services, and importing data from various sources. Learn more about how to integrate your Mendix app projects with external services.