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Facing the Digital Challenge

You can continue on your current, transaction-based course, or adapt based on the demands of your digitally savvy audience. To stay relevant in the market, you need to become customer-centric. To meet your customers’ heightened expectations, you’ll need a host of new web and mobile applications that improve access to information and simplify the way people interact with your business.

Don’t expect your customers to wait around forever. To survive and thrive in a digital world, you need to move faster and get ahead of the competition. Today, you’re competing against established financial groups with money and manpower behind digital innovation, as well as digitally-native startups with greater flexibility and a modern, digital business model. You need a way to outsmart and outmaneuver your competition.

Accelerate Time-to-Value with Mendix

Leading financial institutions use Mendix to quickly build and continuously improve mobile and web apps that drive business innovation. Our low-code platform is uniquely designed to support rapid, iterative development by a broad range of users while ensuring that IT retains control.

Bring business and IT together to rapidly deliver applications that:

Digital Product Delivery

Deliver new products in record time

Digital innovation is continually lowering barriers to entry in the financial services industry. With rapid regulatory change and a digitally transforming industry, investment paradigms such as crowdfunding aren’t just theoretically possible, but actively growing in popularity. Using Mendix’s low-code development platform, you can bring new propositions to market in weeks or months, rather than years, fast-tracking product innovation in parallel to legacy modernization projects.

Jeroen ter Huurne

Without the knowledgeable and dedicated teamwork of Appronto and Mendix, there is no way we could have built a complete ‘Bank facility’ in less than half a year. It simply wouldn’t have been possible using alternative approaches.

Jeroen ter Huurne

Managing Director

Customer Engagement


Mendix’s development capabilities enable us to build a user-friendly portal in a very short time frame, while having the flexibility to adapt it to our funds’ needs and changing business requirements.

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Edward Heijkers

Director of Services

Deliver new portals faster than ever

Customer expectations in financial services are higher than ever. The ability to transact business on any device, from anywhere, anytime is becoming a prerequisite to earn the loyalty of customers. Using Mendix, you can rapidly deliver multi-channel applications and portals that improve customer loyalty, assured that security and compliance guidelines are rigorously adhered to.

Provide a seamless multi-channel experience across web, mobile, conversational UI and whatever comes next. Experiment with emerging technologies to create personalized customer interactions. Deliver the right applications, no matter what financial business you’re in.

Operational Efficiency

Drive operational efficiency

A rapidly changing regulatory structure across hundreds of regions, states and provinces, municipalities, and currencies demands a flexible, but compliant, proven approach to driving operational efficiency. With Mendix, financial institutions can drive operational efficiency by rapidly re-engineering processes to deliver better outcomes across the entire customer journey.

Rapidly deliver applications that support new and improved processes in areas such as:

  • Workflow automation, removing spreadsheet-based work tracking and adding management information and process metrics
  • Loan origination, turning paper-based approval processes into automated, self-service workflows
  • Compliance, removing spreadsheets as tracking tools to lower costs, reduce risk, and ensure consistent reporting and documentation
  • Fraud management, creating a single view of risk assessment, automating workflows that include data collection, case management, decisioning, and notifications

Integrate seamlessly with existing legacy systems using our Connector Kit and messaging services based on industry protocols. Easily and continuously adapt your applications to keep pace with changing business and market requirements.


Our Mendix app gives us the data integrity, process quality, and auditability we require. Given the continuous flow of changes in our organization, if we had chosen another system, we would have spent more time, energy, and money.

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Adrie Beerepoot

Group CFO