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The Enterprise Alternative to the Salesforce1 Platform

The Mendix application platform is the alternative enterprise cloud platform to the Salesforce1 Platform ( It is ideal for any type of app that truly helps companies compete, innovate, and go beyond simple customizations. Leading companies around the world rely on Mendix to develop web and mobile enterprise applications faster and more flexibly than traditional programming methods such as Apex.

Use Case
CRM Functionality
Any Application


User Experience
CRM look + feel
Your design

Apex code
No code

Deployment Cloud
Any Cloud

Named Users
Active Users

Governor Limits
Any Size

The Platform for Any Application is known for its CRM system, and the Salesforce1 Platform ( is designed to extend it with applications that improve its CRM functionality. In contrast, Mendix is the platform for building any application in the enterprise, extending virtually any system to fit an organization’s present needs and help them stay competitive.

Fast and Powerful without Code

With Mendix, you can design complex application logic and engaging multi-device apps with easy-to-understand, extensible visual models without the need to learn and write Apex code. This results in productivity increases of 6 times and more, effectively delivering applications in a fraction of the usual time.

Deploy to Any Cloud

Companies need the choice of how and where they deploy their applications. Instead of being tied to one CRM- centric, one-size-fits-all cloud, you can easily deploy your Mendix applications anywhere – in the public cloud, private cloud or on-premise.

Applications Your Way

Design and brand the applications any way you want without being tied to the look and feel of a CRM system that was built at a different time, for a different purpose. Create applications for web, tablet or virtually any mobile device, optimized for the user experience of each device.

Scalable Applications without Governor Limits

When you are building applications for your company you don’t want to worry about the scalability of your applications, or even worse, be cut off by design, database, or execution limits. With Mendix you are free to build an application of any size and easily scale deployment according to the needs of your organization.

Start for free – then Pay for What You Use

Let’s face it – named users are easy to count, but expensive to pay for. Mendix customers have free named users and only pay for the users that actually actively use an application. And of course, developers are always free – in fact you can even get started with our free edition.

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Simple Integration with Salesforce Connect

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