Gartner Application Strategies & Solutions Summit 2019 - Las Vegas

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Reduce Rework. Increase Capacity.

Use rapid application development to deliver better results faster.

The way we do business has fundamentally changed and so must application development. Mendix enables your team to deliver accurate results to the business, which speeds up development and eliminates the cost of rework.

As an App Dev leader, you are mostly tasked with:

  • Improving productivity/efficiency through apps
  • Increasing, or finding new revenue streams
  • Motivating and activating your developers into a new way of working

Come meet the Mendix team to see firsthand how our customers are quickly and successfully developing with low-code.

Meet the team

Meet our team of Low-Code experts. You’ll recognize the ‘Mendix Blue’ on the show floor; drop by and say hello!

Low-code Arcade [Learning Lab]

Join us in our Low-code lab (right next to our booth!) for even more hands-on content and demos. Attend all 3 tracks and you’ll automatically be entered to win a Nintendo Switch!

  • Power Up Full Stack Dev with Low-Code

    Tuesday 11/27: 1:00pm, 6:20pm & Wednesday 11/28: 12:30pm, 6:20pm

    Is re-work preventing your team from developing next-level enterprise apps? In this session, you will learn how low-code platforms make your developers lives easier while maximizing their existing skills and knowledge.

  • Low-Code Level-Up: Microservices, DevOps and Extensibility with Ease

    Tuesday 11/27: 12:30pm, 5:40pm & Wednesday 11/28: 1:00pm, 6:45pm

    Winning the app development game seems challenging when new technologies and innovations appear faster than your ability to assimilate them. Join Mendix for a demonstration showing you how low-code integrates with your enterprise architecture to propel you to the top of the leaderboard.

  • Be a Business Value Tycoon with Low-Code

    Tuesday 11/27: 1:55pm, 7:15pm & Wednesday 11/28: 1:55pm, 5:55pm

    Building an app landscape is like building a theme park. You have to consider placement carefully, and you have get the best out of your people so they give your customers the best experience. Hear the story of how one customer is using Mendix to transform their IT organization and their industry.

See how Mendix enables your organization to win in a software-driven world.

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