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Public transport authorities are under pressure to improve the way public transport is used and managed. This industry suffered a dramatic decrease in passenger numbers during the pandemic and there is a need to restore public faith in post-pandemic recovery of the industry.

With high expectations from the public,
many authorities are using Mendix to:

Mobilize Your Workforce

Whether it’s discovering new routes or making a purchase on a native mobile app, customers expect frictionless and unified digital experiences across all touchpoints. For public transport authorities, this means connecting to accurate, real-time data from various systems and empowering your customers and employees with modern mobile experiences.

With Mendix, you can build truly native mobile apps from a single integrated visual development environment based on React Native. Native mobile apps differ from hybrid apps in that they do render inside a web view. Instead, they use native UI elements, which results in faster performance, smooth animations, natural interaction patterns (like swipe gestures), and improved access to all native device capabilities.

React Quickly to Make a Difference

Give your transport team the tools they really need to respond quicker when they really need it with Mendix.

In a post-pandemic environment, we all understand how quickly processes and experiences need to change to suit customer demands, government regulations, or natural occurrences. With Mendix’s all-in-one low-code platform you can truly supercharge your business agility and application development speed with built-in IT and business collaboration tools.


Modernize Public Transport

From outdated architecture to unreliable technology, legacy systems are incapable of supporting the emerging technologies required for public transport authorities such as real-time geolocation of transport assets and incident response data to support faster resolution of disruptions.

Modernizing legacy systems helps authorities increase agility and stay resilient through changing market demands. With Mendix, you can wrap and renew legacy systems by adding functionalities or fully replace your legacy apps with cloud-based solutions.

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