Trying out a new platform can be challenging, and I can imagine you may have some questions. Like, where can I find the online training, can I integrate with my existing systems, and where is the code editor? Great news! You can get answers to your Mendix development questions in our Maker Monday session. In this live Q&A, experts from both Mendix and our community dedicate a full 60 minutes to talk about the platform, tricks of the trade, the community, and more to help you get the most out of the platform.


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    Jan de Vries
    Community Manager at Mendix
  • author-avatar
    Minh Ngoc Tran
    Senior Data Analyst at Siemens Data Visions
  • author-avatar
    Pim van der Noll
    CTO at Appronto
  • author-avatar
    Marcel Groeneweg
    Certified Mendix Expert at ITvisors