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Facing the Digital Challenge

Logistics companies face enormous pressure to manage fluctuations in the supply chain, maximize asset utilization, and drive efficiency throughout their operations. And these pressures have only increased with the proliferation of digital devices.

Your customers and employees expect up-to-date information and they expect to access that information anywhere. To keep pace with the market, you need to provide a range of new applications that enable greater transparency and efficiency within your teams.

Accelerate Time-to-Value with Mendix

Leading logistics companies use Mendix to quickly build and continuously improve mobile and web apps that drive business innovation. Our platform is uniquely designed to support rapid, iterative development by a broad range of users while ensuring that IT retains control.

Bring business and IT together to rapidly deliver applications that:

Digital Product Delivery

Deliver new products faster than ever

Digital innovation is continually lowering barriers to entry in the logistics industry. With these new digital tools, participation in even something as traditionally large company-focused as container shipping can be democratized for small business or even personal use. Using Mendix low-code platform, you can bring new propositions to market in just weeks, fast-tracking product innovation in parallel to legacy modernization projects.

Rapidly deliver self-contained products that better address your traditional customers, or expand to new marketplaces by exploiting the time-to-market and cost advantages of a digital approach. Test innovative ideas leverage IoT, analytics and other emerging technologies. Upon market validation, easily connect new products to your core back-end systems.

One of the largest shipping container companies in the world, in record time, launched a digital service to enable container shipping even with small businesses. Shipments can be managed and monitored digitally, including quotation, delivery tracking, and documentation.

Operational Efficiency


The elapsed time between receiving the last order and the start of stock picking has been reduced significantly. This in turn improves delivery times and provides Unilever customers with timely delivery information.

Cape Groep

Dennis Brugging

Business Consultant

Drive operational efficiency

In a competitive logistics marketplace, industry standards are significantly increasing for order management, stock allocation, lead times, and more. Without innovative digital solutions to these problems, logistics companies risk being left behind. With Mendix, firms can drive operational efficiency by rapidly re-engineering processes to deliver better outcomes across the entire customer journey.

Rapidly deliver applications that support new and improved processes in areas such as:

  • Delivery scheduling, digitizing previously manual processes
  • Stock picking automation, removing spreadsheet-based work tracking and adding management information and process metrics

Integrate seamlessly with existing legacy systems using our Connector Kit and messaging services based on industry standards. Easily and continuously adapt your applications to keep pace with changing business and market requirements.

Customer Engagement

Deliver new portals in 90 days

Customer expectations in logistics are higher than ever. The ability to transact business on any device, from anywhere, anytime is becoming a prerequisite for logistics companies to earn the loyalty of their customers. Using Mendix, you can rapidly deliver multi-channel applications and portals that improve customer engagement and loyalty.

Provide a seamless multi-channel experience across web, mobile, conversational UI and whatever comes next. Experiment with AI, robotic process automation (RPA) and other technologies to deliver automated, personalized customer interactions. Deliver the right applications, no matter what logistics business you’re in.


The major advantage of Mendix is that a new application can be developed at top speed, by making use of visual models instead of code. As a result, the business has insight into the application logic and structure during the process and is (and feels) involved in the realization.

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Janice Jie

Head of Reservations